Atomoxetine and neurotypicality (a deal breaker for work at companies)

I went to Reddit and asked what could be holding up my employment as a DevOps engineer and not being "neurotypical" came up. Well it came up as a question anyway. I am pleased to say that I am neurotypical because I have a miracle cocktail of drugs that makes me this way. I'm in fact superior because of IQ. Not everyone was so lucky with conventional medicine. My miracle cocktail is fluoxetine/atomoxetine 40mg in the morning and 15mg olanzapine at night.

Adult school 🗡 we see the way (Geshtu-e)

I'm adjusting OK to adult school. I got buried alive by the necessary credits requirement (120) so to speak, which sort've distracted me. I managed to get A- on 5 credits for Economics in the last week. The work is now at US History, is harder, and requires more sophistication in the application/organization of thoughts/facts/ideas than I am used to. We have had to adjust and shift gears for this change.

new gTLD admin or hire part time,™️

I don't know what happens after treatment court probation if I get a new place after Evans Lane I'd need cash. The food will probably be miserable where I end up. Besides who wants to be poor same thing need money.

Doing better

I applied for a job this morning at Groq (Dev Ops engineer) and they want to talk to me already. It would seem as if things are improving in my steadfast effort to get a position of employment in the "CI CD Linux" LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter search. Recently, during my biggest rejection (Symphony Palo Alto via I acted angry and frustrated online. Although it doesn't make me look good to my audience but I'm sure anyone else could react this way if it meant as much as it does to me to capitalize on their background.

From DeAnza and SVAE to DevOps in 6-10 months

I have enrolled to DeAnza College's Intro to UNIX/Linux class.  I'm basically stacking up a bulk of knowledge and getting a high school diploma from SVAE to get my job in DevOps CI CD process engineering going. If this doesn't work then I will consider my legal options for unlawful exclusion from the economy. I'm going to be very well versed at the *NIX command line when I am done. The regular expressions training will help with configuring Apache/Nginx.

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