16GB RAM for the Inspiron 5482 - Applied for Robinhood.

I am getting SSI stipend soon (maybe 2 more months). I have to get my bank statements and rental agreement for the SSA on Monday. I have to pick up my olanzapine medication from Enborg Lane pharmacy and go to DeAnza college in the same day. So it will be a journey to get everything accomplished. I've found putting effort in has results so I stay with it.

LinkedIn and Inclusion, a real falsehood

I see all these rainbows #linkedin but what love do u have for a #disabledintech but for prejudice and discrimination? there is no diversity here in #SiliconValley all you nutballs wanna do is call the cops on me and lie to then too (cough Palantir/Box) oh well i try again shed my molt #metamorphosis come back a caterpillar this time we will see at Round #3 Glassdoor/LinkedIn. Strattera at work will come I can freelance Flask for the next decade I'm down to ride that 🚂

Catie Wayne [edited]

Ok so I was spouting off on Twitter I decided to get a load off my chest. She leaves a 🐐 hanging with this Twitter block and the dead silence too. As I see it I had business assuming she would take kindly to my emailing her. It says 'business only' but family is different. So in my previous blog post I talked about how I always thought she was beautiful maybe a bit exotic on the scale of what she appeared as on in 2008 when she blew up..Thus unattainable at the time so I didn't think much of pursuing her.

Leaving Evans Lane soon

There's a possibility of my leaving Evans Lane soon. In case you don't know a situation emerged involving Palantir in 2015 that put me on probation I got fortunate got into a second chance program for convicted adults and made well with the arrangements.

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