Today at Gardner, why I like LinuxAcademy (Dan is finally wrong!)

Gardner's drop in center My life in a nutshell

"Doing a #blog post for this will be the picture for it. I am #finishing #probation for Judge Manley aim to #graduate for expungement. I would never be where I am now if I didn't get in trouble with the #law no matter how bullshit it is that #Palantir says I threatened to kill them. ✔ in with #success. #slander #legal #reconcile #PsychoAlto #PsychoVille #PaloAlto. Will focus on the positives. #goodvibesonly #successfulpeople #probation"

- @dankchronic on Instagram.

Every day I wake up and go to Gardner for my probation in Santa Clara County. The Strattera helps but I find I force myself to take a shower and eat. The Sebitti have my #morale and #ambition mapped for the better and this makes it so that when life gets me down I can recover with the right level of spirit. #Baba is around and will be working to take understanding on what sags me at code. My spirit can be rekindled, as I faced burn out before, and slowly making it back in to my way as a DevOps engineer (CI CD w/ Linux) job-title.

In my life I have lived in a few places in California. I was raised in Riverside County (Murrieta) and in my early 20's moved to Poway (North County San Diego). By my mid twenties I knew Daniel Wood and in 2011 went to CityDrinker, Inc. from his referring me to Francis (then CEO of the company).

My life is moving along really well and I'm just adding some new content here so people can get to know me better. I love my fans, especially the ones that come to me on Instagram from around the world. It is hard to keep up with all the languages you guys speak so bear with me as I'm used to English. Soon I will take adult school classes which cover Spanish so I can be a little more versed in interacting with international culture. My laptop is doing fine but my internet is very slow because I ran out of data.

I'm managing though, the phone with Verizon Wireless prepaid and laptop actually can work together with giving me exclusive opportunities to setup blog shop anywhere I go at the convenience of now. With Gardner footing my technology efforts, particularly the cost of the laptop and my phone bill I'm advancing to my adult education and the next level of my college (I talk about this in previous posts).

I'm very thankful to Gardner for providing me with the opportunities to grow in Silicon Valley. I look forward to being able to eventually afford living here as I do grace the employment market well enough to get in if I have more education/training. Everything is falling into place as I piece together my life that was actually quite dead previously. If it wasn't for the whole Palantir problem I would not be where I am now and as I see it the record (felony) can be cleared if I keep it up.

So when I go to treatment court I will bring up how well I am doing and I should graduate within 7 months or less. It is a continuous momentum to get to the finish and even after that I am receiving the simulation through Evans Lane Wellness and Recovery Center's transitional housing well. There is definitely a bar for graduation in Judge Manley's court. There are a few individuals I see and encounter here at Gardner that you can tell are struggling. Judge Manley is fair, he gives a lot of chances to people and the courts do give chances.

My Instagram is going only so well. I do my best to stay original and use good photographs to document this accelerated path I'm on. It is accelerated part in due to Gardner's footing the bill for my tech plus my willingness to prevail in the struggle. I want to leave my audience feeling the inspiration that anyone can do it if you just put your mind to it. #Strattera has been a wonder medicine for me.

I talked to a room mate yesterday and he has Bipolar Disorder. I asked about his medicines and stuff. He says if he stops taking them it goes downhill so I encouraged him to keep going his way. He's been totally chill with me giving me Grizzly dips and cigarettes every now and then. Next time I see the psychiatrist I am making a life changing move toward quitting tobacco (I will ask for Chantix). I feel like a poster child for the drug industry, a true testimonial that these pills can work if it is done right.

Either I am a good responder or just have the genes but Strattera® (atomoxetine generic) and Prozac® (fluoxetine generic) that I take are giving me wonderful results. I'm finding that I can be more productive by just forcing myself to do it, although I am only almost to a level where I can stand back and see programming in Python as easy (a head perspective on software design). Therefore I want to increase my atomoxetine to 60mg and my fluoxetine to 50mg and see how it effects me.

Sometimes the atomoxetine hits me really well and I'm just grinding with life. It can make my mind go into overdrive with routine and tasks somewhat infrequently. I've never experienced such a wonderful effect from today's medicine as I've taken Wellbutrin, amphetamine salts (Adderall®), Ritalin, and a few others to no real benefit. The only real complaint is the drymouth and that I drink water less. I have to force myself to drink, eat, and shower else I get dehydrated.

With quitting #smoking and exercise I will improve my bill of health before my 50's come around. I'm already well networked toward getting a #car by the time I'm in my late 30's to early 40's, and since I'm only 36 so all in all I'm doing well. I'm still waiting to hear back from my Gardner case worker about the books for class that I've been told I'm getting (discussed in previous post). I now opt to go to the mid day Gardner group due to I don't want to leave my laptop sitting around at a park while I play basketball and I don't like all the dog shit at the park either.

My day will be filled with going to the #library (I use the MLK Jr. San Jose State University library) to think of my life, read a book or two, and overall get out of Evans Lane for the day so I don't end up cabin fevered. The library gives me a good escape. The chambers of the 7th and 8th floors are very quiet which will deem perfect for my advancement once I get my atomoxetine increased. I can almost feel like riding the productivity in code my only setback is that I don't know what to write.

Idea generation is critical for me because I feel like if I cannot come up with an idea for Github then I have no way to write. Therefore I'm just going to stick with the bulk of Miguel Grinberg's #Flask 'megatutorial' and maybe try to brainstorm up something I can create with the bulk of knowledge I accumulate. One idea would be a remote controlled IRC bot with an API through Flask, but that is still in the realm of simple and not sophisticated enough to get a real job doing anything at the salary level so this is where see my obstacle.

So I really do see the need for something like LinuxAcademy. The live labs will ensure that I'm technologically sophisticated enough with the working knowledge from real world examples that my capacity can apply toward career objectives. They cover Salt which will beat getting a book at $49 a month you can't find any better. It is all you can learn per $299 year or per month. I'm still adjusting to the life of a blogger and want to put out good content so if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to register for the site.


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