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I'm no longer followed by Ethereum on Instagram :) but as far as getting work with respects to my background and capability I get 0 recognition out there. This is despite having had root on 10+ ccTLDs in 2001 and having had the .CO business card from Juan at CO NIC. I'm the internet's kid (aka 'goat' too the kid is a funny joke), a rare millenial who gets rejected continuously from where he tries to serve.

My next hope is SVAE 🎓 and DeAnza community college 🐧 to make me more knowledgeable in Linux, Flask, and Salt while showing I can persevere but I was convinced employers were dedicated to excluding me, as there is no 'middle of the road' job for Kubernetes experience. Only LinuxAcademy can simulate labs for it. That was until I went to Instart (revised 06/07/19) and started interviewing with Groq in Mountain View. Now I feel a little less like a stranger to the company radars. I'm on a stable recovery from some disabilities but could fit a role really well with my Strattera as medicine plus the structuring (or strengthening) of my caliber of Enlil.

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