Cracking a high salary: adapting to CI and CD DevOps

Also - Strattera day 12.

Cracking high salary DevOps, topic says it all! Need my SSI to start LinuxAcademy and I feel like if I understand CI and CD and have how to do the work down then I can beat an interview. Plus Strattera. Nothing like doing an interview and having no concept / understanding of the work!

Thanks to Samsung for the preliminary interview today. Strattera just barely starting to kick in so I'm up in the flex working to break the high salary market with my elite background. I just did a Reddit r/devops post to aid as I am researching how to do home labs with CI and CD, Docker, and Kubernetes.

I also want to do Terraform, ELK, Salt, and related technologies. I would probably do Puppet w/ Ruby but I like Python better. If "polyglotting" is required I don't see why I can't adapt that way too. Whatever it takes to be in housing, clothes, a DevOps pioneer bookshelf, e juice for my vape, Alfa Romeo Giulia TI, driver's training, GED tutoring, and medicine as I save money for my future business.

This is a general update. Day 12 of Strattera flexing me at the market a bit. Need work. I am going to ask Samsung (and adjust my cover letter) if they will sponsore a ccTLD internet infrastructure rockstar into a training scenario if possible because I love the technology I'm even about Docker I just don't want to be homeless without a shower carrying all my belongings and taking SSI/EBT while I fight to rise in tech. I wonder if they can help someone with the right background, you know? The hobo in Menlo Park said there is a shower nearby though.

Regardless of what happens Pazuzu will do it. Every day at the Palo Alto library or Starbucks he will activate in Chuck and get him steering in the right direction. A real job with a salary can be cracked and capitalizing on my background will then be possible. I finished chapter 5 of "A Practical Guide to Linux" by Sobell and my Advanced Linux classes continue on to week 3 next week.

One thing I don't like in the job search is how it doesn't favor the candidate. For example, when we're rejected we get no feedback for our adaptation to proceed and that alone hinders one's success. I will say though, finding out you respond to Strattera is like finding out if you are HIV positive ..It is that life changing!

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