I have started fighting to adapt to DevOps/SRE out of CityDrinker and it just gets better (Strattera).

Found a new favorite song: Con Calma music is so much nicer on Strattera (on day 9). Anyway, I'm doing an employment related post because I feel like employers watch you and are on to bad candidates so I need to paint a better picture for myself out there.Β This should improve my outlook as I have little time left until graduation of my probation.

If I don't find a job quick I will be homeless. I've been staying at the county program called Evans Lane Wellness and Recovery center. It is currently sheltering and feeding me. Gardner (my outpatient) got me a laptop which I use for my Advanced Linux certificate/fluency courses. We are becoming more robust at the command line.

You can bet that it is harder to apply my newfound power in tech when you lack stability! The Gardner worker shined me on to the concept. I'm doing really well and when I graduate the probation it gets wiped from my record. So this is just a brief update. I'm advancing with a real *Geshtu-e* this is never before had in the technology field/profession and I look forward to the fullest at bringing him to work with me.Β 

Inanna is amazing. We will have the 10,000km/Sec drive to apply and adapt to DevOps/SRE within weeks or days, so we expect employment interviews to heat up shortly. A Chuck with capability is all it takes and Chuck himself has said "Strattera is better than methamphetamine". So that means he loves taking it to be a high functioning disabled at what he loves: high tech cutting edge SRE/DevOps, Linux, command lines, and code/scripting.

Lamborghini picture attached for inspiration. You can do ANYTHING! Even make dankweed.com the backend of Holland and get one someday soon all Chuck needs is a stable tech foundation and he is headed there with Flask/Jenkins!!! πŸ’―πŸŒ

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