Atomoxetine 40mg day 2

I am on atomoxetine day two. It is a damn fine drug and I'm surprised it isn't a controlled substance. It is very activating. I'm finding though that I cannot get a knack (enthusiasm or interest) for digging into my programming/Linux books like I did 30 days into atomoxetine before my script went dry for 8-10 days.

I took some good pictures over the last few days and they're on my Instagram. One of my favorites:


City at Night (San Jose)

It appears that at times I feel like getting back into code, scripting, or Linux but my motivation isn't really tuned in yet. Give it about 10-14 days I'm sure I'll be very motivated. Especially since the doctor said he would do 40mg to 80mg on titration. If it doesn't work I will ask to start at 25mg again and work up to 40. My goal is still to join the economy and I started my Linux class at DeAnza College (Cupertino):


DeAnza College (Cupertino)

In this class the instructor, Kevin, is detailing the OS Linux and how it works, its history, and more. This is just the introductory class. The second one is "Advanced UNIX/Linux" and it covers shell scripting, regular expressions, and git which is my goal to learn in depth (more than I know now). I don't know if I need this certificate really, as I have concrete job prospects right now. Hey, after all - I am *chosen*, and I am CityDrinker. So I do have experience, *cough* IntApp *cough*. My experience in ccTLDs amounts to more than anyone they'll ever interview.

They tried to tell me I wasn't "experienced" enough for their role. It had minor turbulence on my outlook but I have Sebitti (morale keepers) and I know I'm experienced already. So we continue to wait until atomoxetine kicks in fully then we'll enter the employment search again. We don't expect it to get ugly but even if it does we maintain that we are skilled, knowledgeable, and dependable so someone can use us eventually.

I'm still not in the feel of Strattera (atomoxetine) like this song takes me to when I was on it before:

This song is what I would listen to as the atomoxetine made me feel really good. Like better than anything ever. I do believe my mentor Daniel Wood is correct that it is my mouth that costs me in job seeking. IntApp was ready to interview me but I might have spoke too much? Is there like a perfection thing in being a successful candidate? It seems like you can't even have your own personality without getting rejected.


EDIT: as of 1:51PM 07/02/19 I am starting to feel atomoxetine's effects hit me. I'm exceptionally lucky to be responding to this medicine. It makes me very able and interested in subjects. I feel it flooding my brain now a bit. It just feels really good and I feel like I want to dig in my books now! No more is the excuse "Well I don't know what to write" (RE: when it comes to computer code), just full systems explore and go! EDIT the EDIT: 1:53PM Ok it comes and goes, it is in and out. I'm getting there though /.

I'm lucky because only some 14% respond to Strattera :D

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