Me without Strattera


Me without Strattera

I am not bipolar

Strattera (or atomoxetine) works in my brain. It fires off my synapses and makes me go from disabled to enabled. I am probably still eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) but I am not keeping my hopes up. When I get my GA payment I'm going to pay my bill on University Ave. (Palo Alto) Verizon store, drop the USB key off at Fry's (need Windows 10 boot USB from, and go to the Opportunity Center (InnVision) to get a low-income housing directory for Gardner.

Last time I talked with my Gardner worker she told me that Gardner might pay for an apartment for me, so the list at Opportunity Center is exactly what they'll need. One can find housing in the Palo Alto area for around $1300 a month (a single bedroom). I can mount a local job search and eventually come up on a car. I will succeed at my goals!

The drug works by sparkling the synapses of my brain reward system with sensations that I can do anything. It is truly remarkable stuff. Someone on Reddit posted that they were taking it as an antidepressant so I had to recommend it as it gets me out of being bedridden (part of schizoaffective disorder is amotivational syndrome). I am interested in taking Symbyax too which is a fluoxetine and olanzapine formulation. I'd like to take the 50mg fluoxetine to 12mg olanzapine dose of Symbyax (likely generic) if I had a choice.

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