New About Me, Got Strattera! Datrium + IntApp

What's up. I just wanted to add a picture of the books+computer I bring to the table in my technology career. I have advanced some got my prescription for atomoxetine 40mg today from Dr. Mai's office. The office will work to insure that my Anthem insurance covers the atomoxetine. I could not get Gardner criminal justice FSP to push through insurance because the diagnosis is too political for them. They are a corporate care facility so I guess it's too controversial. So anyway my "About me" has been updated go check it out if you were once on the fence about hiring me.


Took the Lyft to Dr. Mai's office today.

Took the Lyft to Dr. Mai's office

I get the most amazing sensations from atomoxetine (generic for Strattera). I feel like I can do ANYTHING! It is so amazing. It is a game changer for getting a job so far I have Datrium (Sunnyvale) and IntApp (Palo Alto) wanting to interview me. I am hoping to tell Datrium that I want to delay our interview until next week when the atomoxetine is in full force. I am happy to say it isn't bipolar :D so I can do whatever I want even drive a car in this life. LinkedIn has been a major bummer of a place I get nothing but people ignoring me, blocking me, ghosting on me, etc.

I deleted a few connections I was pissed off. As far as the person blocking me I'm glad. They suck. I won't name their company here but it is a crappy one. I always wanted to be a part of the Palo Alto / Menlo Park / Atherton community I really like the area so I'm going to try and find employment there if I can.

Datrium (Sunnyvale) isn't a bad option nor is IntApp either one could build me into the next generation of millenial engineer. I don't just engineer, I design. My RealtXpress software was a top hack in Ruby, and I'm just starting to feel a curiousity for Flask! Flask! FLASK, FLASK! Thanks and keep coming back :D I can do ANYTHING! I'm a Strattera ELITE with a ccTLD background :D :D :D GED coming soon :D

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