Suen stole Catie's High School Diploma magic

We came up! Rolex profit!

"rolex" tagged up by SVCTEHey! 🤩 I made it through the worst only to find that Cody's notorious Ultima Online bad karma killer "Rolex" fired up our Enki and created a dominating Chuck figure in Silicon Valley. We've collected some data for our first project in "Learning and Applying Economics" which we will cut up and make use of glue sticks on cardboard to finish. It was fun going back and seeing that "Rolex" was near (tagged on the wall). Demigod's (Chuck's player) boat was always his target in UO. We didn't see Cody but we found this graffiti tag.

Iconically Chuck would listen to DJ Demigod as he hacked into ccTLDs. We basically ripped off Catie she has a picture of a high school diploma on her Facebook where Chuck drew some initial inspiration with feelings for her. We broke off our interest in her completely so she gets 0 for it as we carry on our way. Although Chuck always wanted a high school diploma we entered the way for it only by luck. Chuck did the "starboy" approach (Daftpunk attributed - see this) to life. Enki gave him the Ninhursag "Δ" starboy magic. The "Δ" is the symbol of Palantir and MachineZone.

He felt the same rush of success in ccTLDs with Instagram that are giving him an edge economically (gains will be) as any internet star could feel, so it worked out well. Aside from himself his AUNTS are superwomen out there. Janet Healy co-founded Illumination Entertainment and Christine Poon is a former Forbes "Most Powerful Woman".


A Facebook post describing the "starboy" event.

The Starboy Event - "" created at the registry, 1999.

Bless their hearts. They were some serious influencers. Chuck shook hands with Mrs. Poon at the age of 7 in the a historical Hoover house which certainly adds a feature of culture if you are talking Stanford University (plus Michael Tweedle is Stanford affiliated). If it weren't for Daniel Volozov and the ccTLD experience combined with his father buying him a pot leaf wallet he would have never bought which keeps going up as marijuana becomes more widely allowed. Although Chuck has the culture effect and prestige down ("dankchronic" is a prestigious name out there) the police at Stanford have asked Chuck to stay away from the university unless, one did state, he has business there. They did put a "Stay Away Order" on him for sleeping too much in the library from 2011-2014, but he aims to deal with life's problems as they come.

Starboy CarChuck's struggle has faded a bit as he is now on generic Strattera (atomoxetine) 40mg feeling wonderful and being more productive. He managed to do a little bit of Flask but is stuck on a feature. "Improving Field Validation" is where the Jinja template won't register the {% for error in form.{username,password}.errors %} properly and display the content. He is still hard at work trying to solve the issue. Stackoverflow's answer was that his question is a duplicate. We checked what we were directed to check but the answer was not immediately conclusive.

We went from dying a second time to rising back into school. Chuck was very fortunate he missed two days of adult education due to the atomoxetine being rejected by the insurer (Anthem) for the doctor's Treatment Authorization Request. So Gardner's case worker Bethany stepped in and bought 3 capsules to last him until they can work with the insurance to fill the medication completely. All in all with the laptop, the promise of paid rent for awhile, help with SSI (which Chuck may take to invest in cryptocurrency prior to going back to work out of CityDrinker), and coffee trips to Panera Bread Gardner is turning out to be an arrangement more aligning Chuck with his goals to achieve prosperity and better independence.

We would recommend it to anyone who is on treatment court probation in Santa Clara County. Yes, Chuck was absolutely dead as of yesterday. He was suicidal and neurochemically depleted. Nergal was concerned. Fortunately he got his medication just in time to go back to school and got his routine back. His generic Prozac (fluoxetine) is working in synergy with the atomoxetine providing an amazing headspace.

Darkman007's "Sad Song" is fueling our motivated way 🔥. We chose that song since set and setting apply to these drugs and it sure puts the "medicine" in medicine.




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