My dose of Strattera has been rather weak lately. I had the doctor increase to 40MG which fills sometime this week after healthcare approval. I'm a bit disappointed and am unsure if it is fluoxetine (Prozac) I should be increasing to 50mg instead. Here is the song that I would play on repeat during the "atomoxetine wave":

This is the song that took me to the dimension of pure harmony and bliss that I never dreamed a drug could take me. It put the power of medicine in medicine. The atomoxetine was so effective and synergizing with the generic Prozac (fluoxetine) I even told my old hacker friend from childhood that it was a "beautiful molecule". Now I am trying to get back into that zone of contentedness once more and am hoping 40MG is the ticket. Right now I feel really flat and a few days ago I felt depleted. I also felt tired as well for a few days. I quit smoking next I am close to quitting coffee (!!!) so amazing though 🙂.

I had some episodes of dysphoria in between that I attribute to my once habit of smoking cigarettes, as it seems to have gone away. Everything had a synergy of beauty to it. Code seemed like an effortless endeavor, and I still get waves of productivity every now and then. I do think it is time for the doctor to target the mg per KG range, or time to try amitriptyline. My room mate at Evans Lane was saying "Strattera!" "Go 100 deep" (as in take 100MG).

I look at a drug such as amitriptyline and feel hope that there is something in medicine that can get me on track to a bright productive future. The dimension of the word just sounds profound like it has potential. Drugs, like atomoxetine, are part psychological effect too (set and setting made LSD paint a bird neon green before). I had wonderous effects from medicine before as I am a good responder and I still believe generic Strattera or atomoxetine will lift me to the top. Playing this song is helping lift me a little, but I feel the drug has somewhat crapped out.

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