Leaving Evans Lane soon

There's a possibility of my leaving Evans Lane soon. In case you don't know a situation emerged involving Palantir in 2015 that put me on probation I got fortunate got into a second chance program for convicted adults and made well with the arrangements. It opened doors to aspects of technology  and exploring the workforce that I would have never dreamed I would have.  I went from being chronically homeless and disabled,  to xenophobic like a wounded animal because of a bad apple Palantir ruining on the CityDrinker future picture for me to having transitional housing and a new laptop+books for my way. That AND a mobile smartphone. 

I thwarted that Palantir attack on employment by being invited kindly to Instart in Palo Alto for the open house. Xenophobia solved if you are welcomed in the neighborhood. I learned who my allies are in this challenging fight.

I scored a whiskey lake laptop and a good amount of Python Flask+ Linux system administrator reference literature while I have been on with the program. Have been studying with it as well. With graduation it puts me in an uneasy spot where I would be willing to drop my adult schooling and pursue alternate ways such as a GED if need be. All in all this is a follow up reach to all my employment people, while I'd like to stay in school I'm not too sure I am going to have comfortable luxury to be happy there.

This is just an update. I'll have a stronger Strattera dose so that remains to be seen as far as effects will be. I could end up blessed if I can solve my worry get in with a good picture -graduation , job ,all in all an efficient systems engineer ccTLD dropout hacker facing life as it happens! dotone registry and NutanixIoT follow my Instagram and @dotFM + @nzdnc follow me on Twitter. Oh and GoDaddy is there, but that's just a registrar :).

A big thank you to all my fans! The DA is the one who broke it to the court that I'll be graduating from probation (Judge Manley's court) and FSP. He said he was astonished at how healthy I am right now and that its the best he's seen me in years.






Charles Thompson ✔ "starboy"


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