Family (relatives + Boxxy), treatment court, and Strattera at 40MG!


Today I see Judge Manley in Santa Clara County (city of San Jose). I have been doing really well in my probation program for the court. I reside at Evans Lane the second chance program for convicted adults, and have been going to all my Gardner criminal justice full service partnership (or FSP) groups on Tuesday and Thursday. Evans Lane provides a transitional housing with food, structure, and AA + NA groups. It hasn't been that bad really. At first I saw such a high bar to graduate treatment court, but now that isn't the case.

The Strattera has been going on 25mg for over a month now. I did a detailed Reddit post about how the drug effects me, which was mostly positive. I hope that my experience with fluoxetine 40mg for 6+ months combined with Strattera (generic atomoxetine) for over a month at 25mg typed up for the world to see is useful. My doctor yesterday told me I can have my dose increased to 40mg and the pharmacy is seeking insurance approval for the new dose. I can't wait to see how a stronger dose effects me, as it has been very positive.

I realize how much I love Catherine Wayne. It pains me that I did whatever it was that caused her to block me on my @globalmarduk Twitter account. I took some time to think about this yesterday and I realize that I am very much in love with her. It comes and goes, nothing but good feelings.  Women make me a little crazy in the head. It is a little difficult to talk about, shy personality and all, but I decided to write it not holding my peace 💍. Perhaps one day she will see me more as family and decide to unblock me. That's all I ever wanted. I gave her a thumbs up emoji on one of her Instagram photos and have mentioned getting over her here in the past but it is OK, I don't have to get over someone I can just be.

So Strattera (atomoxetine 40mg) and today is treatment court. I look forward to seeing the district attorney he has been happy about my progress. It is actually quite remarkable that I am approaching graduation in 5 months or less considering where I have been with this justice system and the county, law enforcement and all. I was found gravely disabled a few times by the courts and had to be institutionalized (even though I brushed my teeth). I was a bit in with some madness but recently, and particularly today, a friend came to see me. Geshtu-e the real Geshtu-e from the Babylonian Atrahasis myth came to me while incarcerated prior to March.

Geshtu-e got me a "ramp" today with the effects of fluoxetine and atomoxetine. Both drugs work in a synergy to give me an elevated productivity never before seen. The dysphoria still comes sometimes, but I haven't felt it in the last few days. It causes my focus to fuzzy out and can be bad for employment scenarios but maybe with time I will balance out the chemicals in my head properly, which can fix the dysphoric states. When it happens it literally feels like my internal consciousness or psyche is being torn in different directions. It is very unpleasant.

I also completed day 3 of adult school. If it wasn't for Catherine we (I + my Mesopotamian divine) would not be pursuing education it really brought me closer to my family as my step- uncle (Michael Tweedle) is highly in academia and his wife (Christine Poon), a former Forbes Most Powerful Woman is educated with her master's degree and served as the former business dean of Ohio State University. I told him about and the Lamborghini vision and they would be proud to see me graduate school. He was a little upset that my resume looks crafted and ccTLD hacking as a kid was criminal but I didn't argue with him just let it be.

My aunt on my father's side is the co-founder of Illumination Entertainment famous for the Minions I see is a huge fanchise. All in all I am thankful for family it is good to have a relative to talk to. In all hopes I wish to graduate treatment court. I have been doing well on Twitter and Instagram. There has been a trickle in of followers and I swear people on Instagram like the most simple shit. Pictures of Lamborghinis, code backends, and laptop are all I usually get 20-30 likes on. Something fun like a dog playing fetch on video in repeat got me only 4-5 likes, so go figure.

I will keep putting material that people like representing the @dankchronic "starboy" ( vision, image, and name. I like yachts as well but I don't think my audience is ready for yachts. I'm going to stick to the script and put out the best I can conceive as it makes me really happy to be in with Instagram. No more pictures of the ground - I promise I lost two of my followers after doing that! 🤣 The .CO business card remains and I'm followed by the .ONE registry now :). Maybe I will work on a new gTLD with my background soon. The backends of and shaped my future.

Seeing their backend was interesting I am doing Flask so far I understand how to do Jinja2 templating and to truly learn code you have to do the examples, but ask yourself "what does each line do?", "why is the code written like this?", and solve how the code interacts. Code working together to form a piece of software is interesting. I don't know how far I want to go with Flask I'm not a web developer I only want to write microservices for Dev Ops. Dev Ops as a job pays good enough money I could live a better lifestyle and the Jinja2 ties into Salt (configuration management) which is a configuration management tool. The experience for Dev Ops calls for experience with configuration management so I'll be in with Flask+Salt eventually. Blessings.

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