Instart was awesome

Instart's gift of this and possible work opportunity gave me a feeling of being welcome in Palo Alto after Palantir lied to the cops about me (now I know the corporation is not necessarily the enemy). We claimed "king" for our Gilgamesh when talking with Brad, their future hiring manager as we talked about being a "command line king". I managed to check out all three expos and it was disappointing that the CEO had to leave but I got the head of security's business card overall they liked me. #AdultSchool in 3 days.

They seem to like Gilgamesh and I will incorporate him back into my theme. Gilgamesh comes from CityDrinker when Francis Koenig (he said "Koenig" means "king" in German) the CEO told me that we're all at war and that the enemy wants to stick me with his sword. #work #technology #innovation #jobs #tech I did tense up and get anxiety which clouded my talking to Daniel their head process engineer, but I think that isn't a big deal right? Maybe I can get clonazepams or buspars - something from the doctor - for my anxiety. Hitting the vape works and they were really accommodating to my need to do so as I "vented off steam" out front. The lady at reception said she could relate.

Geshtu-e has left me feeling more technical in my productivity with my awesome Dell Inspiron 5482 w/ NVMe SSD and a webcam privacy cover (pictured at the Instagram link above) I can definitely rip it at code more as I advance HackerRank and make my way more solid. Nutsku manifested a little to smooth out the edges of Instart's social interactions.  If you ever think I'm talking to you or myself and I'm not it is because I am channeling to the divine of Mesopotamia. They are helping me work on my life and stick with the program (Sebitti).

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