Today's update

Went to the smoke shop got myself a 0.6Ohm coil for my vape as it was starting to taste burnt. He charged me like almost $9 but I didn't feel like walking to the 420 Smokeshop where they are $6 anyway (I've been tired and sluggish today).

My fans on Instagram are in support so that's always cool. I've got to print out the BOG waiver document for DeAnza college but I'm going to do it later. I have until July 1st to get the $191 for the Introduction to UNIX and Linux course paid. I start high school diploma at Silicon Valley Adult Education on the 10th at room #20. I'm all ready and prepared got myself a binder, some graph and notebook paper, pencils, etc.

I'm at an odds as what to talk about today. I'm basically kicking back at the MLK Jr. Library downtown San Jose. I like to photograph San Jose's facets on my Instagram (under hashtag "#ThisIsSanJose") if you want to see some pictures feel free to check it out. I'm listening to a remake of Tupac's "In the Air Tonight" which is pretty cool has some French hip hop artists rapping in to the beat. I got a clever way to do code now.

Check out my Tweet to see how I am going to cut into code especially at Groq. "~/chucksnotes" will be my go to point of reference so I don't have to go back to documents or books to get those pearls of learning over and over. I'm planning on making notes on the structure of the Flask app at the Flask website for example. Tupac says it so wisely the song - you just got to put your mind to it and do it. That about sums up how I handle doing things.

Things were quite slow today just getting out of bed felt like it took energy and effort I didn't have but I did it. With Stattera I'll feel an enjoyable sensation toward intensive manual labor like writing software. It definitely helps me get out of bed. I was always good at software design and I leave my signature trademark of quality on everything I create.

This will come in handy as I'm approaching the possibility of a contract (part time work) coming up. I just need to get my medication covered so I can keep taking atomoxetine. Work is a chance to ramp up the sophistication and learn new things gain some experience for when I do hit full time after adult school. Something positive got +500% traffic increase on my LinkedIn and a lot of support from my Instagram so keep coming by 😃.

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