My first post, introduction to Enlil

As I am at Starbucks near Curtner working with my new Drupal site I'm listening to "Virtual Symmetry - See You". The song brought a lot of happiness while the Strattera kicked in. For those who don't know, I've taken Strattera (Atomoxetine) for about 12 days now due to lazy, depressed, and sluggish motivation. In general, an inclination to procrastination which has been effecting me in productivity. It has been a good ride.

The only side effects I get are dry mouth and sometimes, like today, when it doesn't work I'm tired. It needs to be 40mg. I take 25mg along with my Prozac (fluoxetine 40mg) that I've been on for over four months now. They seem to synergize well. Except today I was very tired and I felt as if I needed a bigger dose.

My new laptop is coming along well. For those who want to look at it in all its sleekness a pic is below. It has an Intel Whiskey Lake Core i5 8265U, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, a 512GB Samsung NVMe PCIe SSD, and a 1080P resolution. I accidentally botched my Windows partition leaving me stuck with Gentoo Linux, which rocks for privacy but leaves me without a touchscreen and other Windows features. All in all I do say with my simple Indeed resume that LibreOffice has been a great alternative to editing with Microsoft Word:

Inspiron 5482

I finally got this site up and running and am in Gentoo Linux. I'm not interviewing and I regret putting my phone number on Dice because I have been getting a lot of unwelcome contract opportunity promotion that I don't want (I only take full time work). I'm registering my application for DeAnza Community College on the 26th at 8AM for their Intro to UNIX and Linux (CIS 18A) course. The book I got as recommended by the class is: A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming (4th Edition) - Sobell:

A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming (4th Edition)

This book will make me a king of the command line to compliment my "King Kong of the internet" or "starboy" status. For those who wonder why I am "King Kong of the 'net" or why I go as "starboy" especially on Linkedin, check out my business card, from Juan in 2013. I don't think he really knew as he shook my hand that we had .co backdoored for years:

dot CO business card

The Instagram submission details my 1999-2001 having had root on ccTLDs, which is a series of events featured on the BBC and Slashdot. I'm also featured in a MIT file for open source (required rethinking in FixColorAnsi()) for BItchX as goat (my original EFNet nickname). I've had .TW first level, for example and nobody can really say that they've done this. I'm supplementing this ccTLD experience with some core UNIX and Linux command line foundation, which will include regular expressions.

The advanced class (CIS 18B) will go deeper into things like sed, awk, the grep utilities and regular expressions, allowing me to manage hosts in nginx and Apache better (rewrite engines, for example). I'm also getting a Flask "Megatutorial" book:

Flask Megatutorial by Miguel Grinberg

I requested the book so I can be more in tune with Jinja2, which although used in Flask is also a key to Salt (configuration management). A lot of the jobs I try to get (true CI CD or "DevOps") require the configuration management as a skill, and Flask can be used to develop microservices which is a two birds one stone economical approach since "any configuration management" experience or knowledge is all they want. They also require Kubernetes often, so I have swiped a nice "cheat sheet" from Pankaj Pantre on LinkedIn. He is always posting gold there.

LinuxAcademy will be in the planning as well, but I have to get my adult school diploma soon (June 10th) from Silicon Valley Adult Education ( and am not going to bite off more than I can chew in respects to gaining skill. So for now I am only focusing on my adult education, night classes for UNIX and Linux (CIS 18A and B) at DeAnza, Flask, and Salt. For stuff like Kubernetes and even Puppet if need be I will be bulking up on LinuxAcademy lessons. They also cover Salt on Linux Academy, which I plan on doing too. I navigate code well with tmux and Vim already.

As I am 36 years old I need to be as gainful in everything I do. Pertaining to income, as "salary" is a common question (See my Q and A with Samsung) I am trying to get the Alfa Romeo Giulia TI:

Alfa Romeo Giulia

As far as my cryptocurrency and marijuana involvement and the business related to it goes, it is coming along OK. I look forward to more networking with Instagram as Starboy International ★, am connected with two coffeeshops there, and continue to enjoy owning My life has to be a balance of professional plus marijuana, which in some areas of the world can be seen negatively. I always reference hashtag Lambo as a motivational practice:

Final Fantasy Lamborghini Adventure fair use game (c) Square Enix all rights reserved.

I got some of my structure from Daniel (a Python programmer) and Enlil came to me. Enlil took a perspective from Daniel's site and the imagery associated with it, putting it into a structured way for me to experience. Ever since I've also been doing well with Pazuzu for the subtle graces of Strattera and Fluoxetine, Nutsku for some personality, and Shara for attention to detail. I got arrested in 2015 for going into Palantir saying something and walking out in 2015. They lied saying I threatened to kill them. While in jail I encountered a Geshtu-e complete with a divine vision, he reminded me that you have to "keep control of the vehicle" when driving to remind me of intelligence, and has the concept of sophistication to a good level.

Since getting out of jail in March I have been with Gardner FSP (Full Service Partnership) in the treatment court of Judge Stephen V. Manley (Santa Clara County). The program requires two group appearances a week and has been helping me with clothes and books for work, they got me the laptop, and they got me in with a phone. I am mobile with the Samsung Galaxy J1 2018 edition and am an Instagrammer so if you want to see a perspective to the world that I live in and follow my advancements (in crypto, weed, and technology) then be sure to follow.

I've also had divine encounters with Nisaba (or Nidaba), Nanibgal, and Ereshkigal with Nergal. They all are incorporated in the final product a company gets when bringing me to hire - Chuck, on the person who aims to bring you a product direct from the Netherlands (via or where ever else - also Chuck. How/where we chose to network, or whatever else we decide to do is all up to choice.. Thank you for reading and I, as Chuck (with my divine elements) look forward to making more content soon. Baba has a coffeeshop named after her in Amsterdam. I want to stay true to the vision all the while maintaining my professional life.


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