Groq & Flexible Part TIme

Woohoo! Did my phone interview for Groq at Castro Street (Mountain View), an old stomping ground of mine. I am major in line with the flexibility he says I could potentially be on as a part time contractor during my adult school. Might have to drop DeAnza but I'm thinking Caltrain will get me to downtown Mountain View quickly. This is awesome they'll get to try me before they let me on fulltime.

I am going to maintain my capable conduct+composure during this time as I cannot afford to miss this. Castro Street !!! Mountain View!! 💯 🗻🏙🏙🏙 The execution during the interview was so-so. I could have learned more about the company but still, it worked I will be in touch with them for in person stage interview in the distant future.

I've been mostly vaping went with Bethany from Gardner to see to my DeAnza proof of GA from the Santa Clara County Reentry, had to drop $20 in my bank account to keep it open, went to probation's office, plus went to the post office to get a few stamped envelopes. All in all nothing big just news that I might be working. I'll need my health care to keep taking the Strattera (atomoxetine) and fluoxetine that capture my productivity. Beats being stuck on Adderall hahah. 🤗

I'm excited for Flask but they work with Salt at Groq so I'll be doing Jinja which has its set of documentation to learn and study. Finding the structure of a Salt deployment is as simple as watching the Youtube tutorials. It is real basic just follow+copy the structure of the files and implement it in your own way. Come high water I will definitely be doing Salt. 💊 #Strattera If hired I must get more organized take notes and be on all angles of the work. 💼

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