Pazuzu and Flask

Pazuzu - an Assyrian Wind Demon

Dug a little into Flask today remember FLASK_APP and FLASK_ENV. I can run virtualenv, enter environments, and deactivate them. I know how to navigate Vim+vundle+NERDtree and run the Flask app "Hello World" at the very least. Need more Strattera (I currently take 25mg), more intense ways of productivity comes from the drug. The energy drinks synergized with it a little. I cannot get a mode of action cranking on without enjoying what I'm doing.

Pazuzu took it. He's magical. He can make me feel good about what I do. The fun of exploring Python will be. We want to learn more advanced components of Flask like Blueprints. The Flask Megatutorial should cover working examples of all concepts in Flask including route decorators.

I've been getting a lot of traffic on my LinkedIn these last two days. I'm retired from hacking I don't do pen testing already owned this planet I'm more into a solid+stable salary. DevOps can pay around $140,000 per year just to run the show with the simple common principles and build a collaborative culture. I'm into Salt a lot with Jinja and I feel the urge to do code now coming more solidly. My interview with Groq+probation is tomorrow.

I'm looking for a job where I can integrate my schooling+probation maybe work in the evenings or from home sometimes until school is done at the end of Summer session (June). I still have a recruiter for Matterport in Sunnyvale wanting to talk to me after adult education's summer classes end. I'm not worried about this too much but it does seem like high rejection rates come out of LinkedIn+Glassdoor.

They simply cannot adopt to a cutting edge engineering class of worker, the loss is their end unfortunately as I plan to advance in any way possible. I've had negative experiences with LinkedIn in general. One guy on the Python discussion group said he snitched on me for having my eye photo as my profile pic:

Psycho Eye Analyzer (eye.jpg)

Then again I had some good endorsements from kind folk on the platform so I simply use it as a method of sharing to connections and Tweeting. I've had nazi security folk at MachineZone threaten to call the cops on me for sending a couple letters asking about employment and Palantir say I threatened to kill them which didn't actually happen. All in all I'm not caring about this attempt at disconnecting me from premium grade technology work assuming Enlil's structure in a role because I know I would do a really good job and that's all that matters.

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