I'm bored to program. Strattera too low. The basics bore me.

I want to do Flask and be really good at itΒ (TBH I just want a salary so I can have a life) but I cannot figure out what to make. I was thinking of making an AJAX IRC bot or nslookup tool but it isn't exactly cutting edge or fancy enough to be Github-worthy. To me, there is nothing exciting about this. It also doesn't advance the craft of software well enough. I'm into immersive learning like for example, I would try Coursera or LinkedIn learning and advance myself might be easier if I had projects to work on.

It is just Python. What can be done with it? My mind doesn't think on complex of a level enough to develop something meaningful, and maybe it is just because the Strattera isn't at 40-60MG yet, but it feels like the basics of learning Flask are so boring and uninteresting. Sometimes with Strattera as it builds up I am almost on the verge of finding code fascinating to work with. However without the proper amount in my bloodstream effecting my mind I'm just really sluggish and beat myself up over it.

I cannot think of anything useful to write. That's the bottom line really. From weather API pulling to IRC bots, it is all basic stuff that isn't going to be production worthy at a company or better. As in it won't get me a salary income and into the Alfa Romeo driving. This is why I prefer a class. Taking a class could open my mind to programming a little better and show me that there is a wealth of software fragments to develop and make it easier to piece together something new.

Yeah I definitely need more Strattera. The ideas were flowing for a bit. If I am doing Flask that entails web and Javascript or AJAX can come into play which means of course more potential on the creative aspects, but I'm just stuck! Help!


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