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This story has prompted a long discussion thread on the Slashdot "News for Nerds" site. One of the theories put forward is that those directly responsible were fans of the Beavis and Butthead cartoon as the need.tp address could refer to an "I need tp [toilet paper]" line from an episode. Martin Maguire responded he could not see ordinary crackers expending their energy for nine months on testing defences and then mounting a worldwide co-ordinated campaign.

Charles Thompson call it out

Perspective triumphs experience. I owned the world as a teen. Beat that.

(NOTE: this was during a rant phase, I am solid now).

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Chuck as STARBOY international.

From his LinkedIn:

"The internationally prestigious Charles Thompson met Forbes former most powerful woman Christine Poon when he was 7 years old and shook her hand. Her husband Michael Tweedle (both are acadamia and he is an inventor) gave him a collection of international coins to get him started with culture. Mr. Tweedle told Chuck he thought that Herbert Hoover's son grew dope in a secret room of the Hoover house which, along with his father buying him a pot wallet and his ownership of pothead.org in 1996, led to dankweed.com. The Hoover house cultured him for Stanford a little.

He never knew that he would find popularity on an international level, such as with Instagram. With his experience rooting and securing ccTLDs like ns.uz, ns.punchdown.org, and magic.mn and working at CityDrinker he left and sought ways to find "the meaning of life": a photo from elementary school photo where he wore a shirt that said "Future Stanford Alumni". He left CityDrinker in 2011 to try to find his way through Stanford but found a not-so-accommodating peninsula region of the Bay Area.

He has since found new ways and now has literature toward becoming a solid class of engineer that can't be beat in terms of experience. He is a student at Silicon Valley Adult Education working on his high school diploma which Catie Wayne (our Nanaya) inspired into Suen and Ereshkigal (two divine entities that Chuck works with). He takes Strattera and is very productive at system administration and Linux system operations with his new Intel Whiskey Lake computer and Linux reference book.

05/21/19 - New Q and A (from Samsung interview) available on my website (dankchronic.com).

He could also take a 🗡️ (stab) at CI CD DevOps process engineering which is pretty easy you just use Gitlab (we learned this at Instart Logic's open house).

In 2013 he met and shook hands with Juan Diego Calle the then CEO of .CO Internet S.a.S as a welcoming introduction to the DNS community.

Follow him on Instagram - @dankchronic."


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