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We really deep in this place. Pinroot of evil completely destroyed. 📚 I got my way with the slate. Original C++ Programmer over Napster’s lame of EFNet – complete with ccTLD Linux Expertise. “Canibus” musician inspired graduate type with aspects of “Starboy” taken from Catherine Wayne. I realized my value at the BBC (See article: “Virtual Country Nuked on the Net”). I’m deep with a Nutska and can do GED or college courses. Kabta the construction awaits with a Kulla to lay the bricks in. Mushdamma has been moving the foundation well. Enlil the builder has been zoning for the developments. Welcome to the new systems engineer.

I can do Linux have a Linux book in storage unit. Mostly system administrator work in the past have done BIND even on ISO 3166-1 country codes. Could do Python skill with Mummu and code construction with Kabta. Mummu’s “Goldie” is a work of divine processed through the flows of consciousness taken that completely slaughters any math/input (Python is such). Mummu, who does technical knowledge, skill, and craft has me. I am at the ground floor chapter closed of an sober living home that was toxic to divine way. My ground floor existence currently consists of the Opportunity Center @ Palo Alto to get my Social Security card and hopefully at least $15 an hour if I can. I could rent a $1000 dollar room with that money. If not Nutska says he can deal with the toxicity of a cheaper place if it’s too crowded.

Older stuff below …

Soon capable with “Annihilator” by Ninhursag (an edge).

Charles Thompson remains in wait for Ninhursag’s “apply” way to supremacy over DevOps employment.

Ye Olde Enki Rolex Biography:
Welcome. I’m now with the Mummu (technical knowledge, skill, craft) god’s tie from Dimitry Granovsky’s (DJ Demigod) interview @ Insomniac at Youtube. DJ Demigod’s “Ultima” is the name of our way. I’ve also been a fan of the music in that culture for decades and we apply the power of Mummu in our handling of DevOps and its culture at your “event”: the company. To start I lived and worked at the startup: CityDrinker and also was chosen for Daniel Wood’s Nuper Technology.

At Ninurta’s Path ♆

Waiting for the 1st to buy “Introducing Python” book from Amazon on my Ayasys SSI squeezebox income. I have the 2020 “Cracking the GED”, “Python for DevOps”, and a “6th Grade Math Workbook” for the road ahead. Need pencils though plenty of paper! “Ultima” the way is coming probably soon Mummu hasn’t really indicated but I feel Kabta already starting. I have with me a resume of “Systems Engineer (Junior Level)”. I will end up heavy weighted with pure bulk of skill and Kabta/Kulla divine construction and bricklaying for code at Ninlil’s csh:~ ⌨️ way.

I’m going the way of CityDrinker: G.O.A.T! In CityDrinker CEO Francis’ office autograph picture was Muhammad Ali. Complete with this will be the heavy weight “title” of grand master champion at a company soon. Muhammad Ali is quoted for saying he was the greatest before he even knew he was. “Demigod” our Gilgamesh @ “noble” complete with sword at spearheading is specific to that title. Gilgamesh and “noble” are specific fabrics kept at Enlil. “Noble” is based off the Juice WRLD “Hate the Other Side” song and his revealings about doorkeeper Haya. This fabric is also incorporated into the scene of CI CD Linux / cloud engineering ☁️ employment.

Original is the “goat” as it was my nickname on IRC when I was introduced to root user on sensitive ccTLD name servers around the world. I am also featured on MIT’s website for discovering an ANSI bug at the BitchX console open source IRC client. My ccTLD experience of nations is mentioned at the BBC and Slashdot – #underground is Granovsky’s (also interesting is “The Black Gate”). I am a disabled in tech with ADHD. I take atomoxetine, a wonder drug that allows me in my The Weeknd “Starboy” song to ascend to/walk on the heights of divine starboy heaven better.

Since I am referred to as Bel or Marduk, and Utu is historically attached to Marduk I have the sun, which is technically a star. Last I checked the sun had millions of followers on its Facebook page, but I’m not so sure if that matters. Aligning with what matters specifically to my employment will be done with the best execution I can muster. With a resume that represents “extra experience” of the .BZ NIC ccTLD I look forward to serving your needs the best I can.

Haya’s employment 🚪 barriers

The Gilgamesh Demigod is defined as is. In his presentation effect due to his Kingu social order tier taken directly from EFNet’s “napster” and his Sean Parker he will triumph as the #1 engineer cast Forward. Also a disclaimer to the planet: If you even think of hoping to dismiss as having mental illness or weakness the one of true of the 🗝️ at Ninurta’s picked unlocked earth, a me, read carefully: about the Kingu issue you have – you are absolutely out of your mind if you think I don’t have it here at systems engineer. It is a reality that I took Sean Parker. Ayasys is over. In tactic I cut through tactic ☠️.

The Haya doorkeeper was prophesied within the Juice WRLD lyric below. The Haya “door” related in this to employment entry.

Juice WRLD – Can’t Die

At the door, let me in
I’m looking for answers, yeah, yeah
At the door, let me in
I’m looking for answers, yeah, yeah
Now I’m getting richer
But it’s too many people missing from the picture
Open up the door
Open up the door (yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah), let me in

Juice WRLD on Haya’s 🚪
Featuring Charles Thompson – a rare CI CD Linux “DevOps” ccTLD experience having open source featured pioneer as “Gilgamesh” the “noble”: a chosen grand master of Demigod “Ultima” way.

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