Welcome to dankchronic.com

This is a place where I like to write about interesting things. This is a new site where I am focusing mostly on producing quality posts 1-3 times per week. It will be put out to the maximum power of my inspirations, and I think I want to base it around an entire realm of subjects from hip hop/entertainment to technology lifestyle, marijuana, cryptocurrency, nootropic drugs/mental enhancements, fitness, fashion, and more.

This is me. I’m 37 years old and live in the Bay Area of California.

Charles Thompson (true CI CD DevOps *only*) of CityDrinker looking for his next opportunity while blogging on the side

From my LinkedIn

I have some startup experience (1 month at CityDrinker – read about it at my blog: http://www.dankchronic.com/index.php/2020/04/28/gishidas-way-is-here/) from Los Angeles and Daniel Wood. I left CityDrinker to the Bay Area to find way to get a Stanford education and at least $80,000 per year like I always wanted as a system administrator all the while also going back on SSI. Something didn’t feel right about CityDrinker. I wanted to be closer to Palo Alto and Stanford so I left taking my paycheck and the Greyhound bus to San Jose. I was homeless for a number of years with “CityDrinker – Systems Engineer” on my profile/resume to fill the gap of what I needed to become. A few times “DevOps” came up so I decided that was what the next job needed to be.

So I can’t find a DevOps job here at all, after at least 600 applications and 300+ rejections I am still out and cannot find any suitable job. Now I am stuck because I need a car, spending money, and an apartment here in this expensive place and I cannot give up. I will not leave my disability “perch” without a salary and benefits. It is disadvantageous to accept minimum wage when you have 11 ccTLDs noted on Slashdot and the BBC on your background plus some startup experience. I never imagined there would be such a skills gap to break into tech again or I would have stayed at CityDrinker!

I hardly get enough to survive on SSI most months are spent hungry during the final week (I do have a friend that buys me Ike’s sandwiches and sends me $30 every two weeks from time to time) but fortunately I am the only technically astute professional in the entire Bay Area region to have the world of 11 ccTLDs of BIND DNS hands on experience and have studied Linux pretty in depth through a local college. I’m pretty adept plus I also am the only one to have help from the divine (noted in Mesopotamian religion) such as Ea, who is presently helping me succeed alongside Enki the architect for DevOps engineer at a company. Kabta is enormous for construction. Mummu the technical skill, knowledge, and craft helps as well. I follow Reddit’s /r/devops sometimes and am working on ways to build skill to compensate for what I feel are reasons for my continued rejections throughout the “CI CD Linux” job listings search on Glassdoor and LinkedIn. I only accept full time jobs, I do not accept phone solicitations for jobs. That is part of my screening for adequate opportunity, as most of the jobs I get via email and phone are contract not full time and my medication is expensive. The only way to reach me is via e-mail chuck@starboy.me or via LinkedIn here.