Loose change in Sin’s pocket

Aya’s got it ⚔️️. I’m listening to Timespan – Shout Now ascending in the fashion of ns.nic.ac. Got the Haya on Tupac yesterday thinking of graduate edge GED logical cracker technique memorization at Princeton Review’s “Cracking the GED 2020 Edition” while considering information. Coronavirus has made the GED math portion only without scratch paper, and fortunately I’m also muted from the coronavirus effect. It does not poison my .AC way nor dull the blade. Our Sacrifice Engineer of Prometheus saga is with Enlil “noble” is about ready for the show.

Misharu has introduced the way of iron will for my introduced “job” way since divine began their introduction at nowhere (jail “jacent”). Misharu spoke of job as did the Baba and Sin. I’ve thought of the atomoxetine (our “heaven’s dope”) skygate in particular, representing the entering of the DevOps engineer “atmosphere”.

For the skygate I figure I need to get the books recommended at the Reddit /r/devops “information lake” for foundation, particularly the Phoenix Project and the one about Toyota. To start the hustle, we put a top hat on the Sacrifice Engineer, gave him high status, then introduced “dogs” and their “dog star”, while using “Old Money Dog” to high the Haya on the class/prestige of CityDrinker, Atherton, and Menlo Park (“the Golden Kingdom” at Pazuzu). Atmospheric pressure at the “salary hounds” is our way for DevOps engineer – may it start soon! 🙏

Old Cheebus Smokes a Cigar

Haya ripped it open with Tupac Shakur music last night. All the colors of my way came out. Particulars were alignment of the word “gloves” in the Tupac song Pain which brought out Old Money Dog again, and the hustle is now on. We’ve disassembled this whole powerful place and soon I will enter the will to survive at Misharu forges. We have a tuxedo wearing Sacrifice Engineer with a Gishida tophat and I was already able to picture myself riding the Caltrain to work! Of course that is because knowledge is power.