Kingu class warfare plus IQ stack: New capability levels

Today’s ascensions were top notch. Made it to acid etched glass at kinesis1 as a marker for Ninurta to reserve Python headspace needed for ending a money curse. I closed it off by mentioning “We can’t have broken glass!”. So that was a great base to keep what is necessary. I’m now at the Mummu universe level, and today considered “Why DevOps?” To me the answer is pretty much a money job one, as $150k-200k is good enough for undertaking.

Kingu and I know of class warfare and intelligence structure in San Jose. He is tactician analysis and there is no defeating him, all tactic of class weaponry is a futile measure in this. Geshtu-E is also working around perhaps keeping innovation way for my new Python entry with divine. With that I’ll be able to do custom private works using the Github feature of any modern engineering professional. If you aren’t in engineering at all, Github is pretty much an employment portfolio feature among what else it is used for.

I ended my capability odyssey at finding a cool Molecule of the Month page on Google Images. I found some serious secrets today that boosted consciousness and my way with Ea will work well. One secret was the song here:

… And another was nalidixic acid. I gave some shares on Facebook with “cadmium carmine” and the video. Through this I was able to pull “tartrazine” from my mind, and it turned out to be a radical lemon yellow compound. Then I found a fiery red lead from the MOTM! So amazing! We are working well I think Aya has the laser etched glass now so the Mummu path is so absolute. Of course Ea knows “advancement” so he can piece together what we have my interior that features the Mummu god.

Now I am at god tier for sure in capability and building steady at the Ninurta intellect! I know Haya has mathematics, and I can pretty much do “Systems engineer over Ayasdi” as to the past I did “Systems engineer over Taos” or something like that. Ninurta knows what is! Secrets are in now, so I can’t share much more but my books are pretty much handled. Next month I purchase “Introducing Python” a 600+ page book on the language that should build on my interpreted language or “scripting” expertise originally crafted from using the Linux server as a child.

I already have the “Python for DevOps” book and need to dig(1) it as well. I have also a great book to add for my GED pursuit, if it happens. That book is called “Grade 6 Math Workbook“. This particular book would be good for my way in technology where a portable math base is helpful both for flow at working with code, fluency, and discilpine. Some added that it is good for discipline to potential at some math, and I figured that the discipline of mathematics is good for being useful at software (tools in my case) design. I did the De Anza College previously without capability and obviously failed, but I have now a way.