Kabta Kingu Tweedle Kick ★

The Garra’s “psycho” contractor (inspired by Ayasdi and Megaman video game) will probably take DevOps engineer in Silicon Valley. Kabta (divine construction) is already picking it apart. We watched “Day at work: DevOps” videos on Youtube, which was exactly what I was thinking I needed a few days prior, but had it show up in my Youtube video list by a spark of perfect fate. *.SH (the power of NIC) and its representation of shell scripting is in. Technically SSH is a way to upload script executables and I did that. I’ve uploaded scripts to a NIC, even Mongolia, and thus have handled sensitive systems, a powerful one to present for employment.

My uncle, Michael Tweedle, PhD, is the divine tek for “psycho” of Ayasdi. I can kick high ★. The kick represents Tweedle at his Hoover house “dojon” doing a Kung Fu kick in my presence at his Hoover estate in New Jersey. His wife Christine Poon is a Forbes Most Powerful Woman for 2006, and I did shake her hand. These are the fell on black days of fate, days of Marduk and days of coronavirus so I’m listening to that song by Soundgarden at 7:59AM on 9/14/2020 thinking as I type this. We also have the steel honey badger and Francis round table of CityDrinker. Night Lovell’s and Gangster Gang’s “I’m Okay” BMW video is a steel, an aspect “diamond” for Kingu who has “grips” as well.

We also have the rabbit of Jaggedy-Eared Jack from FFXI (it drops the “rabbit charm” item, worth 800,000 gil). We have a rabbit’s foot or a rabbit being Tweedle roadkill as he is servile to his representation: Morgan Stanley capitalist and his car. We have the “Megaman” that serves the emperor of Sand Hill Menlo Park – Marc Andressen. Megaman’s cobalt blue represents the SunOS systems of hacking in youth, also the Solaris x86 edition. Of course the Vinod Khosla is Sun too so we get a wink from him on that.

Tweedle (the Stanford affiliated one) will be on the road with a Chuck @ divine and his addition for Enki- the T.I. science technology instrument panel tech of calculators and college math are a poplar forest glen. Spit in his eye represents something, as there is much trash and traffic on the roadway. We have the various road signs as well, like NO WAY and such. This should be interesting at Kabta the construction. Tweedle’s international coin collection and his novelty candle were also used at different aspects. I’m definitely the .AC Ascension Island one, and I’m here for the ziggurat.