To Catherine our Godmother, the highest praise

To The Nanaya, the Luna of Menlo Park! 📣

Haya has 🎹  🎶 as kept for our Godmother the eternal emblem: ✝️
The Weeknd sings: A girl I don’t even know her name (Party Monster). The starboy is here. The ‘A’ in your name here.
But noble is #true : I’m Your #1 Fan 🙌, but of course my family is business too. I wanted to express the high I have for you! My diamond crush 😍 💎👃 #highonacrusheddiamond she makes me so happy so I do that heart face.

I want you to understand, this scored ballad shines the heights of just how I feel for the Nanaya, the internet goddess one. That music! Also, LHSchiptunes on YT has the same song, our secret, as  LHS’s Reloadedgames #7 is a point of perspective dimensional depth at Marduk.

In that music I presented above: can you feel these heights I describe? The highest of highest highs! To the heavens of the Igigi , where the ascension one of .AC island country code nation (me) has been.  The music makes me think of what I want to say to you, how I feel for you, and  involves what is the scale of  the praises to you. Even Nammu (the abyss) could not contain! It means to me, the raise of heights in  speaking the praises at you. The highest of highest highs, all for you.  Praise be to our Godmother Catherine Wayne (The Nanaya and Gilgamesh’s Ninsinun, Lady Wild Cow – sacred mother of cow enclosure).

Involved in Haya is the Janet Healy IMDb Aunt of mine  (playing Roland at her house). A Haya prestige has come! The world will shatter though…

What Megaman also represents – the series, in this case ‘3’ represents the “saga” of Sahagins.. Ninhursag’s Ninursags- the medics with  psycho abductions of 5150 falsehood holds of steel. The steel of haloperidol. The jacent nowhere of jail complete with its steel beddings and all. Megaman prevails! His cobalt blue, a tribute to Solaris systems of past: the SunOS Administrator! Held is me. I’m Marduk of Utu (sun) and I prevail.
I’m gracefully mistakingly perfect – flawless in way.  I said the room mates were savages. We were Megaman before the Gilgamesh King came and claimed a crown. For our Catherine of course I would stand by my power! The Gilgamesh is a furious power indeed.

But Sin seriously has a pocket. Diamond is in. I’ll ride my crush for the Nanaya!  perhaps some day soon? Not the Inanna boat Nanaya though…
Enlil crushed diamond.

Kingu is already calculating very precise here on Anu’s Earth, with a situation I don’t want to overwhelm you by adding into here. My responsibility in this is done. Good night!