Employment: Silence the Hate Game and Aging Attacks at the Icon

Shining above at #silence the hate game. #haters

platform.SH disobeys .SH, but all in silence the hate game after all.

http://www.starboy.me, an absolute yet?

Silence the hate game is on. Flare on Haya ! You can’t dull the luster. How I love how older I get at these job attempts. I can dismiss as hate presented as silence but they still do at my aging. I can’t icon. Kingu “grips” and Enlil (diamond crush) have to Deathstar their windpipes. #Baba

What will heed? Silence and Evil in one vow… It is so absolute.. All I can do is emoji toilet and mention that poop is silent, that Kingu has “grips”, and that there is a toilet flush that can be gripped as well. I hope for the day of sword to their neck (Deathstar Darth Vader on their windpipes or something that breaks their aging attacks at Icon disregard/tactic of casting out prestige, and otherwise disrespects).