Extreme CityDrinker 🥊

Another day, another reality coming closer to its possibilities. First, I have a Kingu. He does tactician and social order dismissives. We have secured and sealed a very strong power with Shara. Enlil has an aspect angle above most anything here now, particularly with my employment past for DevOps with CityDrinker, Inc. and Catherine Wayne. Catherine tried “MySpace” on her videos, Kingu beat napster and Ninurta figured this out through my revealing. So with the Sean Parker order tier we have (especially that) woman set in her perfect place. I’m really shining above this reality 🚪.

I have a Haya who took math from one of woman’s gods of protection who indicated I wasn’t going to Stanford because I was weak in the subject. Very tactic in this reality, but also Haya knows of salary and represents standard of worth. Of course all divine’s ways can combine, so Haya can Kingu and so on. GED dream was last night, with Ninurta I believe I will finish it. Nergal has been processing through Ninurta’s picked place here 🔐. Ninurta picked the earth a few days ago and we used Johnny spirit intelligence that he stole to have our ovidae ✌️. I’ll be getting laid immortally soon!

Francis (CEO at CityDrinker) and Michael Kim cross into a limousine scene in this video featuring my fate. Club “Fate” of ccTLD Volozov happened also, and my future is clear. I’m the owner of dankweed.com. We have Juice WRLD as a prophet revelation, and Marilyn Manson’s “Cryptorchid” speaks of the worm with its Zyprexa @ “prick my finger it is done” ⭐. Noble jacket is in.

Today I went to LinkedIn with my new resume (now 2 pages) and cover letter but realized they aren’t the CityDrinker aspect. I actually lived at the CEO’s house during this startup event, and the positions at their representation look so general to me. In response to this I addressed a little on Angel.co A-List. I applied with platform.SH in San Francisco. My new employment branding is that I learned my shell scripting (csh: IRIX @ Stanford) on .SH (ns.nic.sh) and the .AC island is my ascension (country code nation of Ascension Island). I am of the island. My aunt co-founded Illumination Entertainment 🌞. I’m the Marduk of Utu and I have illuminated this reality. Starboy has the SUN and last I checked on Facebook there were many millions of fans. I have gotten past the “Legends Never Die” understandings of my revealer Juice WRLD and we took “noble jacket” with Enlil.

It is great being able to throw a “Momentum Jersey” at the “throwback cat” outside and do “Long Island Iced Tea” (New York power over Sean Parker) around my place. 🌎 is a very evil place, a vowed one with dense capability and I have been on the edges of dying throughout getting the full handle against it but I am coming out of it just fine. I wanted to approach “stargirl godmother” ✝️ of Pazuzu Catherine Wayne and tell her I have an air in Los Angeles and try to open her up (Bel is of the air there), but Enlil and Kingu are so high now that she appears to be out of the picture of my concerns. Maybe Gishida is handling that or it my focus is elsewhere.

That is a summary of my week here at Amicus House. I live at a sober place on a small amount of money. I have labeled it a “monastery” and considered its other inhabitants monks, due to the fact of the their oath of legion toward Alcoholics Anonymous and such. I have some freedom pulls in this that have me very aspect Enlil and Anunna are also doing when necessary. The Anunna took a strong component toward being distant toward the toxic nature that this place can sometimes be. I do believe we are fully equipped for the future 🌤️ ahead and Geshtu-E (supreme intellect of pantheon) has been working on this as well.