Kingu Pimp

Absolute Napster 🌐 overlord (and over Catherine Wayne, our starboy godmother necktie one)
Chuck was in a tank the whole time through this and Kingu took it. The global divine warlord is in.

Dominion over. Kingu can tactic.

I posted on Facebook this morning:
At Kingu social order absolute.
#Tactician Kingu has technique on this evil domineering wall power I’m beset by.
Now it is time. I have dismissive ability because of intelligence and awareness I am of my stature by Haya and Kingu.
So UK “fanny” fag smoking europimp in.
Dismissive I am with way. Evil power are you? Kingu understood monkey in Youtube harassing dog. He in. We know about how monkey is of understanding in position of intelligence. He can slap down at what he does (assumption of handled is there).
And of course, Haya has door so something is here bulldozer door in 🚪 I’m psycho about this! UK Europimp has it 🙂

Basically said, Kingu has order to push dismissivenesses at an absolute power the effect of which is very powerful and also will probably come in handy as well at the Haya bulldozed in door of Misharu employment.