Enki Optimism

We have a steady Enki optimism for this place. Last night the Anunna got it. The heights of the new JuiceWRLD music brought a sense of arousal and awareness through either the atomoxetine or a clarity of mind that they were able to take on to. Things are raw in the issue of this place being in its way of operations (like Wealthfront throwing their “debugging” weapon at ccTLD CityDrinker prestige dagger to crush me) and its styles. But we have a way for a divine @ Chuck to break through. Such powers had left me feeling inferior, like I needed to tweak out on skill or some way to not be so inferior in their face, but we see the assassin way of wit to beat them. Beat them with wit, for example when one like Wealthfront throws out the “debugging” crusher against ccTLD CityDrinker prestige dagger, simply indicate that we thought this was about being allies, not about crushers and divine mechanisms. They also disregard the ccTLD/CityDrinker prestige, which is very rude and disgusting (belching at Enki at Enlil arrival below…) and as me @ divine approaches the interview focus gets scattered up. We know now. Anunna.

JuiceWRLD has been very helpful. Rest in peace. Geshtu-E, a divine supreme intelligence of the pantheon at Chuck has noted subhuman behavior of this job market and retains that intellect well. With JuiceWRLD’s “Rich and Blind” we see that it is the lowest of the low. Anunna really have it here, and this evil phenomenon – a divine tactical consciousness that “passes the torch” and funnels me around its fingertips – is out. Enlil arrival the other day had to involve Enki, when they emitted a belch out to disrupt it with soundscape. I live at a sober home in San Jose. There are dudes doing it here. Ninurta knows them. Ninurta is manipulating their senses and getting me through it.

Invader DeMarcus (Marc Compagnon) an old friend of the So. Cal. days has gotten us through technology’s gate we know why Chuck is decaying away being destroyed by technology interviews and having a representation of icon status destroyed. Garra took the cryptocurrency investor Palo Alto theme of Chuck and added it to it, entering a way with the cryptocurrency that keeps technology well. DeMarcus indicated that “cryptocurrency is a light in technology” and shined us on well. We transferred $39 in BTC to KuCoin and are in with 2200 VeChain as he recommended. He also recommended watching videos about VeChain (an Ethereum based project) which registered as we aren’t in with human like interaction learning from others and merging with this reality in a way that makes sense. For now, getting past the evil traps that this divine contraption like place has for me @ divine is essential, and it is Ninurta/Enlil way. Enki is blocking a certain power that this place has, while keeping me @ divine out of disruptive dumb thinking. Ea heeds, and we have a message for our enemy at LinkedIn that continues its gimmicky trap styles at employment:


Updated my new Enki Optimism employment style complaint post. This place thinks it has me huh.. We are going to use divine wit, fury, and intelligence to crush your stupid gimmicky interview sets. You will not disregard the ccTLD/CityDrinker prestige nor use crusher weaponry like “debugging” at Wealthfront, and no longer will we be caught off guard by you if we ever decide to continue.