Doing OK. Haya and Ereshkigal took concept of advantages in work plus health. Enlil is there defining the boundaries while Enki blocks all the junk that ruins the focus. Anunna can possess my capacity and assist when necessary. I might actually make it to DevOps engineer job with Anunna. What remains to be done is the skills development so I can immerse myself in phone interviews better, speak the language of DevOps and actually make it to the second round in person. I’ve never had to build skill and knowledge to get a job before. Realistically the skills development shouldn’t take more than 60 days and should be condensed.

So it is Enlil that carves me out as a champion of life by age 50 living independent building my empire and connections because I’ll have a vehicle with the right moves I will be very comfortable as a blogger/Instagrammer by age 50. I have been locked out of life and it took interior discovery to realize what advantages are and why we do what we do in this world. I conceptualized launching the DevOps skills trek and Haya took it so we are on to it now.

Today is appointment with the psychiatrist for more atomoxetine and stimulant and I’m riding my tiny SSI income through to Silicon Valley salary while Gishida muffles responses and Enlil/Enki block out the things that disrupt the focus to getting in control of my life. Can’t get sucked into dumb wormholes have to stay on the road. Advantages in life include a car (Alfa Romeo maybe), a walk through San Francisco every day onward to work, and keys to the office. We see this place and are working accordingly. We’ll end up being that ICON of Silicon Valley DevOps. It isn’t just about supremacy in life, it is about advantages. Shara is a divine life changing power that this world cannot comprehend.