Doing OK. Anunna have it.

Wow! It is rough going off the amphetamine pills for my tolerance break. But I got it. Apparently Anunna have to control me through DevOps because I can’t start it myself. There has to be a demonstrable thirst for knowledge in technology and a curious intellect for understanding the ins/outs of Python and Ansible to break employment barriers. I am not capable alone. Enlil is the driver to the circuits. He will push me past/above all the scepter attacking evil activities of this sober living and I’ll be alright. Without him I would get crushed and die. They’re in for a surprise! Their shit doesn’t work because Gishida mutes my responses. It is the perfect route – DevOps Engineer and salary complete with a car to earn and independent life. Happy 4th! Aya has it.

I have nothing much else to comment on, am still smoking cigarettes as we cover all areas of this place. Geshtu-E has developed an intelligence that also mutes responses toward things on Twitter and Facebook that would normally provoke thought or reaction. I can completely navigate all of it now and Enki blocks out stuff. They tried to block Ereshkigal on something involving Shara and smoking – but that didn’t end so well. It reminded me of Garra and VJ (a past house mate here at the halfway house). VJ was unable to separate me from the septer with technique and rambling strategy.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy. For my life in pictures/videos visit @dankchronic on Instagram.