Divine typed me out of melancholy and into Strattera 🔛

Amazing! I am back in atomoxetine now. The light switch is back 🔛 and I’m doing great. Last night I realized as the atomoxetine light switch turned back on I was suffering from a melancholy depression state in my neurology. It was dismal but I knew I had a light through this. To get out of the melancholy divine kept typing and propping against various facets that could be sensed in perception. It worked! The atomoxetine (deactivated for about 10 months or so) finally turned on. Anu is on to the drugs. They are life changing. When atomoxetine works I get curiousity for computer code and sensations like triumph over driving a car. I’m also taking my dextroamphetamine sulfate 10mg tablets twice a day, and those also add to the effect.

So things are going to go much better for me. I’m on the lift of atomoxetine now after months of melancholy and suffering, being in a dismal/abysmal state that could have ended my life all thanks to divine and their typing and sensing through it. I believe I picked up the melancholy at Evans Lane Wellness and Recovery Center. When I first started taking atomoxetine 10-12 months ago it was life changing and profound. Eventually after some time I developed patterns of consciousness that muted the atomoxetine and kept me in a panicked and frantic worry over it no longer delivering the cherished life changing effect.

Now that I’m back in it I look forward to self development being in. Ereshkigal is on to this and has been doing well in this scene of evil. The evil wants to suppress me with tactic here but we are nullifying its effects which are both subtle and verbal. Once we’re past that with Gishida we can definitely key in further here. Looking forward to the road to DevOps engineer! I know the atomoxetine works now because it beats Schedule II drugs. My neurology has been adjusting to the drug since last night and during yesterday afternoon some time Garra, Aya, or Anunna got me out of what was blocking atomoxetine.