Divine DevOps Journey

Closer on the DevOps skill journey got some information on what to do so I’m not so lost about it. I have to learn AWS at Amazon’s training center, skill up in Python programming sufficiently, and learn Ansible/Kubernetes so I can take a job that pays over $100k a year! I don’t have to spend money at all. I also should learn CI CD tools like Jenkins, GitLab, and harness.io. I also should learn monitoring, such as ELK (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana). I got this Anunna are ready to take it. I got the book too, Python for DevOps (O’Reilly) which was released in December last year.

Things have been going good Anunna and Ea are riding my perception and grasping what needs to be done. In case you missed it, Anunna can make me do things that I wouldn’t normally be able to do due to inhibition. For example they can get me grinding at this salary DevOps journey that I can’t start alone. I talked about Gishida a dozen times now, but in case you missed it he is like a muffler effect toward all things that suck. I’m not entirely sure what Ea will do for this, but apparently we were waiting for him for awhile to pick up the things he needed.

I’m listening to the Weeknd, it is 9:24PM on 06/13/2020. Coronavirus lockdown is supposed to ease and I’m wanting to take this study path with Anunna to the local library but they still haven’t opened it (will check today). I could study in the house but it is hard. At the SLE there are like 6 men on my floor we share two bedrooms in bunk beds. I’m riding SSI and EBT (food stamps card) through this with $500 rent each month, $54 internet bill, and $30 phone bill. So I’m almost out of money less than halfway through the month here, but 2 friends are sending me $80 so it helps offset the cost of living. I complained a lot today about the fact that Anunna can’t get me to go to Walmart to stock up on groceries and I ended up spending money on Grubhub I should not have spent.

When Anunna can get me surviving on little income properly (going to Walmart is essential for food) then I’ll know that I’m in a greater position. For now I’m in my little corona-safe bubble avoiding all the crazy protesting and I picked up a smoking habit after trying to quit! I wanted Gishida to smooth out the nervous twitch edges I get that drive me to smoke but he isn’t doing it (yet I hope). I guess the reason is “Charles we’re watching”.