Kabta the construction, Kulla the brick god, and Enki the architect

Today’s a new day. Kabta has taken the helm at Charles Thompson (me). Yesterday as I thought about Python I felt the power of Kabta, the divine construction, take effect. He is ready to build through this as Enlil lays it down. I’ll be the first DevOps engineer to deliver ability through divine hands. I’m looking forward to this as Kabta the construction is enormous in the computer engineering profession. We have to study AWS, configuration management, and CI CD pipelines to take a job under the “CI CD Linux” job search we do on Glassdoor/LinkedIn. It is really simple to be a Kabta engineer.

Drugs were disappointing. We could not get high enough of a dose of Zenzedi to make an impact but Gishida is superior to any drug as the world will soon see. He brings a euphoria effect toward things that normally suck like job application portals to the CityDrinker one of living at work and being cool with the CEO. A lot of conflict is there, as these portals are just cull and grind through and don’t have a lot of respect for the prestige of the ccTLD worldwide hacker with loose connections through startup hands that Kabta is going to work through. Angel.co would be our gig too for startup, if skill would align to beat the job interviews so we can articulate that we know what we’re talking about in DevOps then things would go great!

Stimulants have been an enormous power psychologically. The ability to feel amplified and euphoric through stimulants is noticed by Anu. I’m hoping that Gishida takes cigarette smoking before it poisons my airways and leaves me with emphysema. We’re able here, and that’s all that matters as we exit SSI disability perch to real meaningful salary paying work. We want to continue medical care if able, with new records that should get us higher doses of stimulants and maintain Strattera all the way through. All that matters is getting that first car and entering work life mode. It is a different life going to work. No more can a Chuck in this be comfortable and in bed living off fumes of a tiny income – he has to snap to it. Gishida knows the effect that breaks the round peg problem at these Greenhouse.io employment portals. We’re really the square peg, and we fit in a square hole.

We’ll have a way with good money here, our own pad, and our own comfortable life as a car driver or there is something seriously wrong with this picture. Geshtu-E, who has previously declared this job market and world “subhuman” will reach new heights if we are forbidden to take Kabta through the SSI salary gate by coercion and force, as was done at Silicon Valley Adult Education. We’re on to this box we’re stuck in, and we will use the divine construction to break a path through it with greater ease. Chuck is in good hands. *laughs*