[MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH] Aya took something from perception yesterday.

Well yesterday was a major victory for us as Aya secured something big in perception. Gishida can now break targets. Ea heeds this path of knowledge+skill and being talented to break employment and adult school is in the bag I guess. Tomorrow I start 7 days no methylphenidate and endure. I’m phasing out of tobacco use. I don’t like it, I have to buy it, vaping is heavily demonized and disrupts productivity, and snuff has to be reordered. Since I am disciplined with spending money I can say no to ordering more snuff and I don’t smoke. I have opted not to buy coils or ejuices for the Vaporesso Swag II + Innokin Zlide MTL tank.

I’m here at the Sober Living House which the divine liked defined as a monastery. This is monkhood, we heed the AA meetings 3 times a week. On 06/11/2020 I see Dr. Mai and get my Zenzedi filled at the pharmacy a block down the street. I’m expecting a 15, 20, or 30mg dose 3 times per day if it goes right. Although I can’t fight the man or argue because he is the doctor and knows best. I have been considering Vyvanse with a Zenzedi booster, but I don’t want to carry these costly medications into employment. I want to keep it cheap. Taking atomoxetine (generic for Strattera) plus Vyvanse and Zenzedi is going to cost a lot out of pocket when I get workplace insurance at my salary job in DevOps.

I have to take the reins of Anunna at go, and use their special power to carve through the Python for DevOps book by O’Reilly and GED/HiSET is in the bag. I can now use Gishida to target things. He can see in my perception what I’m trying to break and give me that cool euphoria muffler effect to reading, studying, and applying practice in code. He indicated at targeting the 2020 GED book in my cabinet in my perception that he could break that path. Today I fill my 7 day am/pm pill container, and we’re not going to take methylphenidate for 7 days. So I am going to tell the house leader that I want off of it because tolerance is so high that it doesn’t even work anymore. Again I am phasing out of smoking,, snuffing, dipping, and vaping. The habit sucks.

Reddit’s r/devops subreddit informed me that the only thing keeping me out of Kubernetes experience is me, and I have reformed my resume to embellish 8 years 9 months currently working (checked on LinkedIn) at CityDrinker with the present experience being “Python programmer that uses Git”. We aim to build that resume up by adding configuration management, AWS, and containerization experience. I have to do either LinuxAcademy or CloudAcademy to get me through AWS. I live on minimal funds. After rent, 1 weeks groceries, and bills (internet, phone) I have $280 left so funds are tight. I have a LinkedIn come find me if you want. My divine are going to clear a path through this place.

It is understood that this place is very evil, and they’re aware. However, I have to make money and refuse to leave secure income of SSI without having a way locked in to make good money and be on my way to progress for my age. My first job in DevOps will get me a car, and I’ll probably stay in monkhood at Enlil’s temple (the sober living home) doing AA meetings 3x a week and taking Zenzedi as I approach these challenges. The systems engineer of CityDrinker is in. Adad has it. Apparently I am out of the Zenzedi drug being so powerful to my way. It is just a drug to me now. The divine’s magic did something amazing yesterday. They actually work here!