Anu, Mummu, and Haya working to cut through inferiority. Ea is in.

Anu butchered through some inferiority feelings this morning. Constantly I’m reminded of how inferior I am as people with larger incomes working at companies I tried to get into as a ccTLDist flaunt their nice apartments and such, also a recruiter that cold ghosted me without even replying got cut through too. All the best to people and their Lamborghinis and nice DNS job related stuff, but Anu can’t let it cut at my core like it was. Haya is in. As you’ll recall I posted the Wikipedia page for Haya. As we go along in this, Haya has a standard of prestige for Chuck(me, starboy) to live up to. Anu is like a butcher figure in this, He is so powerful and big.

As is Mummu (the feelings of inferiority from people flaunting technical skill and craft is muted out with him). Gishida is a muffler for all things that suck. Gishida brings a nice peaceful euphoria and null effect toward anything that sucks like certain job application portals online. He knows the salary standard (guap) and is not confused by income. He knows what this is really. We all know “work” as all encompassing around building knowledge in a livelihood prior to actual employment and merit (GED, HiSET, etc, are all merit I have to attain eventually). Enlil feels it is a meritocracy here.

Haya at one instant noticed I was about to enter mental inferiority complex and completely voided it from happening. As you may not know, I’ve been through 300+ job rejections and there is not to be any blame on myself for this. It tends to lead to feelings of inferiority.  Yesterday Anu entered my frame and said he is here through my vocal channel. I’m ready for the next set of challenges emerging as Anunna (the power to do things) coincide with Gishida and Anu to bust through expert level coding with out issue. Anu said he would do it all. Nergal said he’d take Salt (as in Saltstack, a part of DevOps).

We are here to maintain on SSI+EBT “perch” and never get off of it until we are in a company making an independent income. Right now the levels of rejection seem as if they perceive us as a round peg in their company of square pegs – not a fit. But Gishida knows that he is the square peg and a fit entirely, so it gets serious as we approach this with divine cover letter art styling and a Kabta constructed resume program. Right now I represent almost 9 years employed at CityDrinker, with “Python programmer that used Git” in the description on the resume. We intend to beef that up, make it more DevOpsy and get into some real employment. Ninhursag knows what it is to grind. I am phasing out of tobacco right now.

I disliked vaping because it disrupts your program trying to focus at the library when you have to pack up the laptop every 20 minutes go outside just to take 5+ puffs, then that wears off and you have to go back out again in 20 more minutes, repeating the disruptive cycle. So I put the vape aside and may sell it. Snuffing Sir Walter Scotts and TAXI red got me to the level where I’m tired of it. I want to be tobacco FREE but have to see how bad the withdrawals get. I am not comfortable consuming tobacco so it might be the end of that for me. Ea is definitely a presence in this and his effect will get me through adult school or GED without a problem. I am patiently waiting as things unfold at the sober house that we know as a monastery, this is monkhood! Enlil has taken this temple. This is Enlil – but no longer “life” as Chuck(me) saw it before. When we’re in Enlil, things go according to that way. We are with Shara in this too!