STARGAZER and Zenzedi®

I’m here with good ass drugs (atomoxetine) hit with the BUTTERFLY EFFECT with Anu and Ea. We’re here. We just did Stargazing (song) and my hair stood on end and I got reminded of the power of that STARGAZER effect the Strattera had me under when I was snuffing TAXI. I was snuffing TAXI this time and it reminded me even further, it took me back to that moment, when the atomoxetine caused my brain to feel the STARGAZING effect. Ereshkigal took something. Not sure what but apparently I asked if it matters and it does so we will see. I look forward to more BTC as these STARBOY days roll by.

So I am doing not enough for the time to age ratio to progress against the many DevOps engineer job titles on Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Not enough to beat the swath of rejections I get sometimes automatically, other times their internal recruiters just straight tell us “We regret to inform you we have moved forward from your application” and specify no reason. The rejections are toxic, the bum out the day and I’m hoping to mount some skills toward the role that can get me in finally. The only problem is I NEVER CAN GET ANYTHING DONE! 😥 I have this Python for DevOps book by O’Reilly gathering dust on my table. I dropped out of De Anza College, took the financial aid money, and ran away! I did not like it. Now if Gishida was in effect it would be a breeze to achieve all this stuff for beating the target job market (search for “CI CD Linux” on Glassdoor or LinkedIn and you’ll see the jobs I target). Starboy doesn’t accept anything but the best. We prefer Palo Alto or Menlo Park but our recent need for money is pushing us to areas like San Jose for work 💼.

I’m still doing well but fretting over the fact that I’m aging without getting goals accomplished. I’m hoping Zenzedi® from Dr. Mai activates my crippled motivation. I just like to sit and bed and become consumed by other activities like surfing social media and being in my bubble. I very much desire to break this cycle I mean you only live once and I’m getting ancient as a millennial with ccTLD experience. Follow me on @dankchronic (Instagram) to follow my life in photographic progress. I’m also the owner of a premium category killing generic domain name for the emerging cannabis industry. Given the absolutely insane level of protest about racial disparity shoving itself toward our political/justice system I feel that marijuana is soon to be legal and the domain should pull a good amount of money or serve its function in a business sense. In this last year I have not accomplished much but I have a secret up my sleeve if Dr. Mai’s bag of medications don’t do the trick so let’s see if every option to get me motivated becomes exhausted before giving up and living a life of chronic underachievement.