Ate a good breakfast of eggs, fried potatoes, and bacon. Ordered some Wahl trimmer oil so my beard doesn’t get too hairy and burn out the trimmer. Got myself a Ninurta and Ea, and they’re into this place a lot. What else, hmmm.. Ninurta says he knows Bes, an Egyptian god of recreation. Sounds interesting. I’ve got the Gishida. Gishida is an impressive effect that is really funny to have. It is like a laborer effect that makes a calming relief toward tasks enabling you to do the most laborious of things with a calming relief almost a narcotic effect. He enables me to do things you wouldn’t normally do like job portals that suck and stuff. All that suck about it slips away. He is a muffler for sucky things. Things that suck are Gishida’s ease. No negative reaction to it, just a blank effect. We are going to apply him to coding maybe go back to De Anza College to do Python programming if the school opens back up. Enlil types. Hey! my journey is starting up here!!! Gotta go back to school and not drop out this time. Got to do the 6th Grade Math Workbook from Amazon.. Get past the multiplication tables and into some serious stuff like Geometry and such. I am on 100mg atomoxetine and 20mg of methylphenidate a day.

Ninurta has introduced Bes (Egyption divine of recreation – and it is working out so far from me. I’ve decided that the core goal should be to cut through the 6th Grade Math Workbook I picked up from Amazon. It deals with all the arithmetic all the way to fractions/prealgebra/geometry for GED/HiSET and a better programming mindset. I want to reapproach Python programming at De Anza once COVID-19 lockdown ends. Doing good


Anu has it. Have to do a AA meeting at 12PM here, and it is 11:28AM right now so getting ready for Zoom! Hope my internet works and isn’t slow…