Annuna and the Monastic Temple Tower

I am at the Enlil’s monastery (sober living, a “monastic temple tower” with monk brothers set with the divine, and every day is a new floor of the tower). I’m hoping to be ready to start my arts skill building by divine launch at Anunna. Today my internet is really slow!!! I do not like Comcast – they rip off the disabled and low income people with their Internet Essentials service forcing you to go three months with no internet just to pay $9.99 when internet is a vital utility. Anyway, This is a temple now, and qualifies for Enlil. Anu claims to have it really, so does Ea. Maybe eventually after we’re done watching this place for evil technique/tactic there will be an escape plan to get me well moneyed into salary and car… All it takes is skill building in Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, CI CD tools (Jenkins, CircleCI), AWS (Amazon Web Services), Python, and Bash.. Have to be into it to do it!

Currently am totally disconnected and not into tech at all. Tashmetu might be able to kindle that spirit back but I’m very dead in tech. It requires a mental wrap around that I can never do right. Like when I do Codewars everyone’s solutions in Python look radically smoother than my methods of coding. I have to let go of my current methods and develop ones that more closely match others.

For now I am a tech dropout. Poor acceptance with my background as a ccTLD DNS hacker from the 90’s with startup experience and a big resume with lots of career progress gets me bites but never gets me in. I feel I would get less rejection from employment if I would buckle down and gain skill practice Ansible a lot and be expert mode toward employers. Then I could actually know everything about what they do in the job and progress a little better to my first in-person.

GED is available too once they open the testing centers. America wouldn’t let me get the adult school diploma. I tried and DNS Jobs OARC + Craigslist both wasted my time when I tried to get $200-500 Linux jobs on the side to feed myself outside of my SSI income. So without added income I don’t see the adult school diploma as obtainable. It also takes a long time to get. I’ve largerly fucked off my time during lock down and spent too much of my stimulus check on Grubhub and Uber Eats avoiding virus and boxing myself in. I did manage to buy $500 in crypto which I won’t be spending no matter how bad the hunger train gets with SSI income.

The chief monk of the sober house monastery got temple approval for Zenzedi® medication (dextroamphetamine) which South Bay Behavioral Health will allow me to obtain soon. I currently take methylphenidate 10mg 2x per day, and atomoxetine 100mg every day. The attached music describes my life really well. I’m trying to “escape” to salary and be sovereign with my own independent money, be over this place and the women in it that are always aloof towards me. However, it isn’t so easy without the capability. I have to have capability and just do it. Anunna have technique for this, it was discovered they can make me “go” and do things I can’t normally do because I don’t allow myself to do it. They demonstrated it to me. It is miraculous. If we could align “go” with this effort to triumph over DevOps engineer jobs I’d be in with a car, apartment, money, clothes, and a healthy active social/gym life developing from that.

Aside from the divine takeover of this silly monastery I also got some good snuff tobacco and am phasing out of vaping. There is little room for vaping at work/study because you always have to pack your computer up and go outside to do the vaping. It is heavily demonized. With snuff you can get the effects of nicotine and flavor easily indoors. My vape was burning through coils way too fast and it wasn’t as cost effective with vials of ejuice at 5% costing $18 or so each. I got the “monk” temple idea from one of the snuff tap containers (Bernard Klostermischung, lol). Ninurta thinks my education is sort’ve weak too, maybe there is room for improvement.

I mean I am literate, I have a C++ programming certificate from the college that I got 99% on, I have the experience of American Textile Tape, Inc. and other companies from Los Angeles on my resume and employers do bite at it, but my current perspective is tech drop out and I have to realign so I am into it more. It is all labor in this life, and by default I’m not in with labor. That is Gishida’s ability – to mute the anti-labor effect and provide a calm euphoric mental energy toward all laborious things. In fact, he tucks my gut impulse around these monks. We got in with Garra. This is the monastic temple tower, and every day is a new floor. We’re in to escape this place drive off in the car and some deep hacker sovereignty, ideally the Alfa Romeo but my taste may change. I don’t think anyone gives much of a shit about what I write here or post online, I am in this for myself to get myself gear but if it benefits you to read my blog feel free to comment.

TL; DR: Currently forced to gain skill to be more in tune with job rejection during CI CD Linux related job interviews on LinkedIn/Glassdoor, but cannot force myself to do it without Anunna and Gishida. Apparently it will come soon but I have to get past being tech drop out and rekindle a joy or passion for the ugly “gruey” thing technology is with Tashmetu. They trample all over my desire to do it with toxic rejection bombs via email. I am not accepted in tech at all and it is discouraging.

Hope that makes sense. I have to brute force in skill so I can fit my square peg in their square hole. In the cover letter I’m going to tell them that I really have a square peg and they need to stop their deluded ass ways of seeing me as a round one (ie Not a FIT! Because Gishida knows you, high tech working class! He is the key in the keyhole) . My divine will champion over it, even if employment and getting a stable income is a style that is forbidden for Charles Thompson here and I’ll be over not only women who act aloof but employment and money as well. That’s what Geshtu-E is for, a supreme intelligence. He branded this place subhuman through all those rejections and I am into it. Enki is on to it too.