It’s been good with Misharu today has been great. Misharu’s signature feature is “iron will” so we isolated a will in my perception window for HiSET at the local adult school. It is decided I will go back to the local adult school and try for my adult school diploma again. It is all good. Ea is with me doing his effect from different aspects collected from my perception. Eventually I will overtake the obstacles that caused 300+ rejections from 600+ job applications to “DevOps engineer” on LinkedIn with my rare tech background. If you haven’t read my blog enough you’d know I have 11 ccTLD internet DNS servers root admin experience plus some startup experience with CityDrinker.

There is a lesser job position, a system administrator, but it doesn’t pay as much and isn’t as skills heavy as DevOps engineer. So I wanted to be the engineer in this, as I did when I declared it on my systems engineer resume in 2012 while visiting at Stanford University. I do not want to accept less than that, and all modes of focus are shifting in the direction needed to pick up skills in all requirements of the job descriptions so I can approach skilled and actually be able to indicate my skills thus reducing the rejection rate.

I’ve been going good but I think by the time I meet the requirements, maybe 3-5 years later, CityDrinker wont be relevant on my resume as “some startup experience” to fulfill the requirement of some jobs. I worry a bit about that and I’m under a pressure of time to deliver a beefed up resume to an employer and come off super flex talented so I cannot lose. Gishida is ready for this with his muffler effect bring straight euphoria and comfort to any task no matter how arduous. Other than that things have been going OK. There is a fierce evil that the divine are working on, even a Huwawa ‘eye’ of evil that we evaded awhile back, but I mentioned we have to approach this with two hands – one hand on income earning, another on this thing. I just took a methylphenidate it is 3:05PM and I decided to put STARGAZING by Travis Scott back on as I reflect on my way here.

Thank you for reading.