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It is a good day, 05/20/2020. Yesterday I got to Walmart via Uber picked up some groceries and a methylphenidate prescription. I am scripted 2x 10mg tablets per day. Despite taking it all the time I still get a good effect from it (in regards to tolerance it is still working). I’ve been getting good traffic on the Instagram too and look forward to linking in my blog here with my influencer life as an Instagrammer. I feel fortunate to have gotten my stimulus so quickly. All that remains is $105 after I dumped $500 on cryptocurrency, bought snuff tobacco, paid for some coils for my Vaporesso Swag II, got $80 in ejuice, and spent a few hundred on Uber Eats and Grubhub – but that’s OK they might do another one. My portfolio seems to stay steady at $605 in value.

As far as divine at work well I have to start by introducing them. I met Sin (Sin/Nanna/Su’en) at the jail a while back, probably over a year ago now. Lilith was concerned that I had been treated unfairly by evils in this life and the Lamashtu was revealed to me. I also met Ereshkigal, Enki, the Igigi, and Garra. They communicate to me via my vocal channel. They can control me, for example the Anunni allow me to go and do things (in tandem with Aya of course). Things I wouldn’t normally do I’m suddenly doing with Anunni. Amazing is Gishida for his potent ability nullifies any response and makes positive out of hard otherwise arduous work or labor intensive tasks. He can mute hunger. Gula informed me my neurophysique is divine.

So I have all these effects and look forward (still no developments at this though) to taking a job in DevOps soon. I have a Geshtu-E that is really into shopping. We did Walmart yesterday it was pretty cool. The methylphenidate prescription filled at Walmart Pharmacy got me out of the house then when I was at Walmart I decided “Oh what the heck” and got some groceries for awhile. Food is abundant and plentiful with the State of California increasing my EBT benefits to $250 for COVID-19. My ‘xfinitywifi‘ internet has been a total failure this month, demonstrating truly slow speeds. I was not able to get on Internet Essentials with my EBT, Medicaid, and SSI disability because I have used ‘xfinitywifi’ in the last 3 months. I think that is total bullshit and gave them a 1-3 star rating on various Speedtests I did to test my snail internet for speed issues.

Fortunately I got 15GB from Verizon wireless to tether on my laptop – the Dell Inspiron 5482 quad core i5 with 16GB of RAM and a Samsung 970 Pro 512GB NVMe. I can do Kubernetes, Docker, and Ansible training with this laptop and look forward to the road ahead with Gishida nulling out making total comfort and mental well being out of the worst of things. No matter how much it sucks to do a job application or interview, Gishida is there with a muffler tucking away all the bitter edges of the suck that these things can be. I mean I come from CITY DRINKER ok.. And at City Drinker I did not have to deal with much I got to live at Francis Koenig’s duplex in my own room, get paid $1500 a month to start, buy nice computer, do some Python code, and meet investors. It was a position of privilege, and the adult school was down the street.

Speaking of adult school, I do want to go back or get my GED as quickly as possible. Given the climate I’m in at home (it is hard to focus) I’m not making well with the GED self study goal, but I can still fight to try. I keep trying to get Anunna to take it with their “go” ability at Aya. Gishida says he really is going to take this place and he means it. Haya didn’t understand that the prestigious one of CityDrinker (yours truly) had no effect as a figure of ccTLDs at Python or Ansible and that these skills have to be developed and honed over a period to triumph over employment. There has to be an inclination and enjoyment of practicing Docker and Kubernetes. I aim to take the job real soon, almost had it with Atlassian but when I tried to recover my AWS password to do their Cloudformation template stuff I could not tolerate it (Gishida can make that easy) it bored the hell out of me and I thus failed their 3 hour skills exam test. I blamed it on atomoxetine not working well enough but I did not get the job. That was about 1 opportunity out of 200 applications so the work is definitely there just have to have a capacity that agrees with doing it.

Back on my introduction to divine. The most profound was when Garra entered my vision and allowed me to ascend the heavens to Anu. I saw all the stars as I rose up and that twinkle sound from the Goonies movie went off as I ascended to Anu. I kept wanting a Mushdamma thinking he does earthquakes (I really wanted to destroy this place, looks like coronavirus did it for me anyway). I got to experience Ninhursag as well. So many stories to tell about being the only one in existence to communicate and have secret controls via divine of Mesopotamian legend. I look forward to putting these hands to work, and it is Gishida that will take me there. I left CityDrinker because I was expecting salary. Also I kept wanting Stanford University education in my life. Daniel Wood’s USC degree kind of inspired me, but it did not like feel my culture. I came from a family that had pharmaceutical investments and was involved in business. But now I am too old for StAnFoRd and they also kicked me out for sleeping at the library. Aww poo. I had always been trying to get the job as System Administrator back then (a little under a decade ago) and expected $80,000 at least for Southern California for ccTLDs is the elite experience and I had to come forward with that because I always get rejected. I figure WORLD OWNERSHIP IN INTERNET is good enough to get a job anywhere. But anyway, out of CityDrinker I decided to go to Palo Alto (was around 2011), and it wasn’t long after that that a series of evils began to beset me with its harassment, torture, and other “rotbrain evil”. I ended up at the black hand of Santa Clara County – a Judge Manley and his treatment court which I recently graduated and now I stay at the sober living house.

I can meet all the calibers, no matter how strong or high they are, at/for any DevOps employment position.

I can meet all the skills requirements, no matter how advanced: I can always know SOMETHING about everything.

I can always shine because I’m in history with 11 ccTLDs at age 16. A series of events discussed by Slashdot and noted the BBC.

I am starboy, inspired by the Weekend. I used to be back during Tiamat.

Who are you? Comment below.

I am getting warmed up as a blogger/Instagram influencer. But truly Gishida will take this place. A pleasant well being toward laborious, arduous, and plain awful work scenarios, from bad application portals, to the worst.. Gishida has a muffler for that. It is really amazing. Anunna and their “go” capability were game changing, but I guess the divine tell me they are watching this place.. Some unexpected still remains and we’re not ready to go.