Spent half my stimulus!

It is a good day to begin thriving. With atomoxetine pumping through my brain i feel the bliss of a calm serene obedience toward a calling in my life. Maybe with the addition of modafinil I will be pumped up to build skill more and get that GED accomplished. Methylphenidate was increased to 2x per day and I’m on a tolerance break from the medication. They really synergize well (the atomoxetine and methylphenidate, that is).

I just started investing in cryptocurrency because i’ve not had real spending money since my first SSI back payment in 2006. I barely live on SSI. I definitely cannot afford the coils and vape juice for my monthly needs and I have to shell out $54 for Xfinity WIFI internet since the house does not have it. Getting a job to get out of that is not only a crisis, but getting it to a stable income level is a feat in itself. So many are more prepared for the world in that they likely have a source of passive income. I’m barely beginning to blog. My rent is $500 here for a shared SLE setting. I did not know about cryptocurrency back when I had my first back pay, and my latest back pay only covered the overpayment to SSA. But since the stimulus arrived here is my portfolio now:

Not shown; I also own $20 worth of Ethereum which is worth about $18 now.

The Innokin Zenith coils I got for $35 are excellent. I got 10 of them 2 days ago and already burned through one sucking down my e-juices that I spent $80 on at Great Vape in Sunnyvale. I use a Vaporesso Swag II mod with the Innokin Zlide MTL tank. This was recommended to me on Reddit and I have to say I really like the Zlide MTL tank it hits great. I also finished a Mr. Snuff snuff order. I really like cognition boosters and so far it has been going GREAT with South Bay Behavioral Health! Dr. Mai has approved methylphenidate (generic for RItalin®) twice a day and my dual daily dosing of 100MG of atomoxetine (generic Strattera®) finally started having an effect this morning. The atomoxetine was giving me a serene calming bliss of obedience toward productivity in the way of GED, 6th Grade Math Workbook, and DevOps. As my dose is pretty strong I take it I will experience a whole gamut of effects so I’m patiently waiting. The methylphenidate really synergizes well with the atomoxetine medicine.

Gishida got some insight into what it is to relieve the restless energies preventing me from skilling up toward DevOps and math thanks to the atomoxetine effect. Gishida knows how to mute/nullify, otherwise blunt any response toward the blandest most mundane of bullshit from bad job application portals to stuff normal people would respond to. It is truly a good skill to have. If you read my last blog post about this being Gishida’s way you’ll learn about my past with CityDrinker and how I came to be king of the net root on 11 ccTLDs ’01 hacker of the planet. It is with this rare, unique, and legendary technology background I aim to persevere through the most rough glut of the job market (600 applications and 300+ rejections) with Gishida by my side. I look forward to my opportunity to shine and will find it soon. Thank you.