Brita Filter

Just been staying in the home during COVID-19 lockdown. Still had a bit over $1100 stimulus cash left got myself a gift:

I got it with two extra long life filters. So now once that gets here I can stop drinking tap water. I really enjoy money and buying nice things like this for myself. I want to continue the tradition out of the IRS stimulus experience enter the realm of taxpayer status do my DevOps learning/book reading and be done with this salary struggle. I have been trying for years now to learn Python adapt to the requirements of DevOps engineer job titles on Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Finally getting closer with methylphenidate and atomoxetine to starting things I can’t start like sitting through the documentation for Ansible and Kubernetes memorizing as much as possible plus maybe even doing for the AWS training. I’m still on the fence about spending the money for because if I don’t do the training I end up wasting money. I’m not confident I can force myself to gain the skills/knowledge although Gishida has let me know he “plans to take this place”. Until I see an effect that makes sense for making money from Gishida I am probably not going to risk wasting money on an unused LinuxAcademy or membership. Oh yeah, and Ea is in. Apparently Ea has been watching so with time I might actually get a supernatural effect from these divine that allows me to take on a salary role of DevOps out of CityDrinker and ccTLD experience. I like money, that’s for sure. I think even with all the skill in all the realms of DevOps I still don’t get accepted very easily. Most my applications get rejections and it is rare to get a call these days, like 1 in 100. I don’t know why. Nothing about my resume says “don’t take me seriously” and it demonstrates me as relevant/experienced.

Soon I will be buying $500 in cryptocurrency I’m waiting for my ID from the DMV I ordered it online updated my address and the renewal of expired ID cost me a total of $35 out the site. Once I have ID I can upgrade my account on Kraken or Coinbase get myself a chunk of cryptocurrency to sit on for an extended period of time. I’m hoping the lawmakers pass the $2000 a month I could really use the money. The remote DevOps worker gets enthroned in cash and gets paid here so I could really use the job skills upgrade. Not every employer asks for a cover letter so it is hard to convey that I have these new skills once I have them. Maybe I can update my summary to put “highly trained/highly skilled” etc. But first I have to actually start towards skill. For now I have the Python for DevOps book from O’Reilly and might need to start some Kubernetes labs I hear they do them with Raspberry Pi systems. Maybe my 16GB RAM i5 quad core laptop can handle some of use case scenario skills development in cluster nodes. Ansible has to be remembered, all about the command line. One thing that overwhelms me is you have to memorize a LOT of stuff to be fluent. Thanks for reading will keep you updated.