Gishida’s way is here

I can totally tell that the “CI CD Linux” search job market for “DevOps engineer” type of jobs on LinkedIn Jobs search is going to be Gishida through the process of applying all the way through to doing the work. Gishida is one of the most impressive of the divine powers I have. He has a nulling effect toward all responses to the pain of mundane or even what I would see as “crappy” at jobs. It feels like a narcotic almost. Since I came from CityDrinker where I had luxury of living at the CEO’s house and freedom to work under Daniel Wood even go to the local Melrose Adult High School I see these jobs as terrible compared to that. It is not the same as being at CityDrinker even being at a top notch startup isn’t going to provide my housing. While I wish I had the survival tools, divine, and medicine to make CityDrinker a success sadly I left to Palo Alto because I sought higher salary and Stanford University.

Today is methylphenidate day 7 let that soak in…

So far the atomoxetine interacts well in norepinephrine with the methylphenidate. I don’t think Zenzedi® (dextroamphetamine sulfate) is covered by insurance I did want to switch. Because of that I am going to opt to request to the psychiatrist that I take methylphenidate twice a day if I can. Basically I’m trying to find a job that pays me a paycheck but it is not easy without Gishida and drugs. The drugs keep me edged toward this seeing past rejection (Wealthfront toxin bombed on me no apparent reason) while Gishida can take the crappiest of job application portals and suddenly make them passable. Ninurta is into focus and Ea is definitely on the side assisting. Haya knows my way here, it is a way of excellence and that is what I opt to maintain. Tashmetu has a graduation for me in GED or HiSET.

My newest cover letter talks about how come in this Silicon Valley of a place I cannot find $200-500 Linux or basic Python jobs off Craigslist or DNS Jobs OARC to feed me through HiSET education and while I am forced to take a GED because the 40 hour work week won’t allow for adult education I need a job to feed myself and ease stress. Gishida eases stress. I’ll be OK even after Wealthfront of Palo Alto got toxic towards me. I still have my background in ccTLDs I am the only one to have had root (superuser) on 11 of them at once. What’s ODD is when I first came to SIlicon Valley from CityDrinker is that (a company) offered me $500 for Linux LDAP migration work but I was incapacitated by inability at the time and didn’t take it. I was also incapacitated during a domain sale and did not collect $10,000. Now I am not so incapacitated since meeting Geshtu-E at the Elmwood Correctional Facility and getting past all kinds of power against divine there – BUT I CAN’T FIND SHIT! Plus taking Strattera has been real toward focus.

Story be continued