Day 5 methylphenidate plus divine at work 💼

I’ll be happy to be accepted in tech. Today I got a confidence of self in country codes. I plan on talking about the St. Helena registry to this job interview and talk about my background some. Happy to be accepted is the way – through Python for DevOps and the “6th Grade Math workbook” on the side of working get my GED done. #pharmaceuticals #focus #Haya #Anu I’m the first worker to bring Anu and Haya to the job. Gishida really eases into things in employment by nulling out reaction or stress. He’s an amazing supernatural power!

You should have seen the sober house where I live at Gishida. Ishtaran knows poisons and can delete them. Poisons like the effect of having no money. Gishida can null out effect or response. You should have seen them in Menlo Park when I was “panning” for some side money at Santa Cruz Blvd – I am non-responsive to things that those people do to stir up a response or reaction (which leads to trouble!). It is nothing short of amazing to have a supernatural Gishida power in this. Ninurta is watching too. Ea is really likes this.

So I wanted to report that the atomoxetine and methylphenidate combination is a good effect. I want to try Zenzedi®, a dextroamphetamine sulfate drug that lasts 4-5 hours. I would simply have to take 2 a day and be good. Excitement! I’m getting paid according to the IRS on the 29th $1200 stimulus. I have to pay for coils for my Vaporesso Swag II and some ejuice from Great Vape in Sunnyvale. I’m looking forward to the Wealthfront interview coming up next week. There is nothing else to report except I wanted to note I had a kick ass confidence boost with Strattera – I felt experienced in country codes (ccTLDs) which brings a level of Linux nameserver experience that few in the system administration field have.