Working on getting a new job!

I hate always being broke enough to force me to the grind stone! It sucks and is embarrassing to ask for a cigarette need vape juice or nicotine patches and spending money. Need to get into DevOps skill I’m in with methylphenidate and Enki. Enki heeds. It has been hard but I finally found this job with a low barrier to entry at Wealthfront. I’m hoping to key 🗝️ in and get started on what I left CityDrinker for. I bring the best of the realm in Haya and Gishida. These facets of my presence here are hard to beat. Haya knows and Kabta the construction is enormous for the trade of CI CD DevOps. Although I have seen Gishida do his effect personally I do not know if he will allow himself to be utilized for employment. It is Haya’s will to have me at a good company doing the work of a chosen. Enlil is pretty cool too, he knows about “structure”. With these facets I will turn the page on this chapter of unemployed/disabled life and be ready for the next set of challenges..

Embracing the disabled in tech: Charles Thompson is here. I’m ready to do the YAML code of Docker, CircleCI, and even deploy Kubernetes but I need to build my knowledge. I must have a thirst for knowledge and constantly be into improving my effect if I am to survive this job. Mummu brings technical knowledge, skill, and craft. Again, the barrier for entry is pretty low to Wealthfront and they seem to be progressing my interview through their pipeline. There is a dire need to build myself in technology due to the ccTLD experience and some CityDrinker, Inc. in past work. I must develop within the facets of CI CD build/release process engineering and be prepared to work on teams in DevOps. As the methylphenidate begins to set in for the day I listen to some great music to set me in the zone (below).

My way has been so difficult. If I could only tell you all of it. I have recently been on atomoxetine for a whole year just to get me clicked in the salary socket with tech and thriving. But I went through the “black hand” – Judge Manley of Santa Clara County for Mental Health Treatment Court, through the shelter of Evans Lane and finally from Gardner FSP to an SLE (Sober Living Environment) where by the gracious management I am allowed to take methylphenidate. I have to save my tolerance for the next steps in the interview process so I won’t be taking any during the weekend. When I was incarcerated during 2019 I met Inanna, Ninhursag, Enki, and Aya. Together we manage well in this realm of a place that has evil facets but it can shatter with Nidaba. It will be finally good to put my past behind me and move up past old times in employment! The goal has always almost been employment, to be an accepted in the trade of DevOps would be enormous. I can get no reassurance and these times make me nervous. The interview should move along throughout next week I must save some methylphenidate tolerance for the next level. I must soon apply a thirst for knowledge and tech at all fronts if hired. I still have my Python for DevOps book and the grind stone is calling! I could do that today probably (as I typed this the methylphenidate is flowing through my blood making me feel capable lol).