Keying the 🗝️ Wealthfront interview

I’m not as perky at jobs as I should be. I should be jumpy for skills development and eager to explore. My way was saved by taking methylphenidate prior to the Wealthfront interview at 11AM. The aniracetam that my psychiatrist asked me to stop taking, and I’ve been off it for 2 days now, keyed my memory so I said just the right things at that interview. I’m not asking for charity in employment but I’m asking to have a way that makes sense. Clearly I have some use to the tech world in background of ccTLD and some startup. That Wealthfront job is pretty much low barrier to entry in terms of requirements so I want to see a way to #cloud engineer! I can do it with methylphenidate.

They said they haven’t migrated to AWS yet so that’s cool I could gain cloud skill on my way through it. It is hard to focus on independent study when you’re labeled ‘disabled’ and have no steady food supply or decent gear. I’m about to dose 25mg atomoxetine, and my dose increase of 40mg is coming in probably today or tomorrow. Maybe I finally will work in Silicon Valley. I’m reminded of when I worked for a home theater contractor – back to that way again. Work is a different world, simple yet requires care. It is like a plant, you nurture and water it and it grows. I think I could take it.