Taking a job is hard!

I am finding I need a lot of skill to break employment and I have been applying regardless of the fact I don’t really have the right medication – which is a disaster. When the interviews do come in I am basically crippled to tech and have little desire. Tech requires sustained effort to master enough material to clear the employment. I got new meds from the psychiatrist recently so I am going to probably be able to start tasks like reading “Python for DevOps” and practicing the ins and outs of Python. I know tricks like the dir() function, vim interactivity with documentation, and some other facets of the language. I have ccTLD experience which is VERISIGN confidence over the world. These eyes have seen and hands have typed out zone files for the core servers of the internet at age 16. These recently came up because I did an interview with o1labs.org which to be honest sucked I did not come off like I wanted the work nor did I masquerade the confidence I needed so they crushed me. I get alienated from tech a lot.

I’m going to keep trying for DevOps engineer jobs I get $1200 to master Kubernetes, Python, Ansible, AWS, and more soon. I don’t know if I am ready to pay for LinuxAcademy or acloud.guru just yet as in will I actually make use of what I pay for probably not but the new medications should get me going good. I got approval for my medicine from the house leader of the Sober Living Environment (SLE) and I have to take a good job so I can get myself a car and an apartment independent life where I have supremacy over this place. Guys with money are supreme over females that play tricks. They can afford fashion and cars. So that is my fuel that gets me applying, but there is a tedious labor required to get these jobs. For the labor of intense book study or interactivity with LinuxAcademy/acloud.guru there remains no way to concentrate and deliver a dedicated effort on the material. For one I have “Python for DevOps” by O’Reilly it covers a subset of the language which is strong enough to break employment.

One thing I notice is I can’t memorize the format of a Flask application from memory it is really hard for me. I probably need to do Flask to write API’s for the company I choose to work for so it is definitely one that I need to learn. I need to do Ansible ins and outs plus use case scenarios on my laptop. I have the hardware for it, an i5 quad core with 16GB of RAM – perfect for Virtualbox instances or use of vagrant. Job interviews are really rare for me. That one with o1labs.org in San Francisco came up from an application I put in a long time ago. It was a disaster. All I could say is I’m basically crippled and I hate Python and have no skill in it. They decided they didn’t want to work with me and alienated me further out of the candidacy 🚪.