Got a pile of ‘moxies (atomoxetine) plus some gov stimulus checks coming in, maybe $2000/amonth coming in soon.. We need LinuxAcademy and total skills immersion set. I can almost take my laptop upstairs to the study table, get my binder out, study in-depth Python from the “Python for DevOps” book and get into the set of skills for the trade! I’m gonna be a DevOps engineer at a company. They make like sometimes $140k. I had a job interview but I think they will ghost off because I told them I’m basically unable for now. But atomoxetine is rearranging the molecules in my head. So be it! Skill is the way to money and we know.

Gishida says he heeds the pleasant work motivation effect for me. He heeds Charles. The way through divine into work and money is to mow through all those technologies not affected at all. Totally blunt-edged and not bothered by any of it. I am trying to get ritalin from my psychiatrist which would help a lot but I don’t know if he thinks I’m too much a liability for taking stimulants I mean I told him I live at home, I take care of myself, etc. I got plenty of soap and toothpaste last shopping trip and am doing laundry today. I need a self starter kick effect that being “gacked” as they call it on stimulants can bring. I know my disability well. It is one where only tweaking can push me to get stuff done and focus. I hope atomoxetine does it alone and the stimulant isn’t necessary. I can try asking for modafinil but it isn’t really sustainable. Walmart has the discount for discount card holders but it costs $35 and I don’t think I can pay for it every month on such a tiny income.

Yesterday was crazy. A scepter came out from divine and we predicted an ambulance/police siren. It did not instill terror as it was detected. Pretty paranormal around here to have divine at this is something special. Something the right company can tap into! YEAH!