Atomoxetine Dreams

Atomoxetine has been going perfect for me. I am feeling well stimulated enough to take on my goals soon. I have dealt with intense feelings of inferiority from LinkedIn and they are completely filtered. All those hired fucks in their gaeity online boasting Python skills and certifications make you feel inferior when you are ccTLD experienced out of CityDrinker and can’t find any job. When I get 250+ rejections for CI CD Linux DevOps on their jobs board really gets under your skin. Well good news! Rental markets in San Jose are cooling off due to COVID-19! I have to move out of the sober house and get my place to live. I already spent $500 + $57 for rent and internet at the SLE. Hopefully I can score a good place for myself for $650 no more no less.

I haven’t been too active on Instagram lately but getting geared to accomplish goals. I failed my classes at De Anza College because I couldn’t find it interesting. I lacked the capacity to do the work – so am trying to get the extended withdraw credited to my roster. I do need to do GED and build up skills for CI CD Linux AWS DevOps but cannot afford on my own. I want to meet the job descriptions for CI CD AWS build release process engineering on LinkedIn and Glassdoor as much as possible. It is actually life or death – I have to meet them. ccTLDs are a good start at experience, and that’s why I’m “starboy” trying to get the new lease on life – the Alfa Romeo!

Sure, you can skip on LinuxAcademy with the documentation and that’s OK with me – I mean who doesn’t memorize the Kubernetes documentation for a minimum of $100,000 a year right? But AWS is tough to get training for . No jobs will train you in it – it is black and white. That’s why I see as essential. If you lie about AWS experience they’ll hang up on you! No joke! The interviews come eventually but a lot of them ghost off or flake – had that happen to me yesterday. The need to memorize Kubernetes is assumed when the Strattera hits me, but it wore off good thing I am on 25mg now 🙂

Maybe some implied things will cause me to click into gear with the need to memorize the six domains of DevOps: CI CD tools (CircleCI + Jenkins), Containerization technique (Docker, Kubernetes, YAML), AWS (Amazon Web Services), Bash/Python scripting, configuration management (Ansible), and Terraform. I wish there was a way out of SSI poverty into my own apartment and with a new lease on life – the Alfa Romeo an easier way, a way to better survival! But to take minimum wage is pathetic for my age. It doesn’t show anything for your time. I’m 37 I got bitches to fuck and weed to smoke! I missed the bachelor life of my 20’s and now need to scramble to make up for lost time. Plus I don’t do well mental health wise when my comfort levels are breached. I gotta eat good take good care of myself. Piss wages don’t pay for the Bay Area, and essentially you’d be telling me I left CityDrinker for salary reasons to come to the Bay Area (tech’s BACK YARD) for nothing!! I don’t accept it and remain disabled! I sit on a perch for which to build skill to take on a massively challenging thing – the six domains of DevOps. I get some EBT too, and recently got a vegetable steamer to save money.